Monday, 11 October 2010

Ooh My

Answers regarding the Gifters Banned debacle are proving interesting...

Read THIS.

After seeing that my reaction was kind of... 'hmm'. I mean, it's an explanation of halves- it doesn't tell us the whole story. However, after nosing round on the forums though I came across some more info.

It seems (another) website glitch enabled people to download Simpoints for free, and it looked a little something like this:

So far kerby has admitted to using this method to 'illegally' gain Simpoints but I don't think there has been word from Alexurt, so it's unclear whether all those banned were in fact guilty. It definitely answers some questions though doesn't it- namely of how people could afford to gift so much, but it also raises others. I guess things aren't quite as black and white as expected- it's not a case of Simmers Good, EA Bad.

I'm going to be honest though... if I'd have come across the free Simpoints link you can be hella sure I would have used it, and I know I'm not the only one.

Some Simmers did a 'bad' thing, they got what they deserved, but to be perfectly honest I don't blame them. All the uber moral people out there are understandably going to be outraged about this, but me? Eh, I don't think I'm in any position to judge.


  1. I agree with you.
    I think the other gifters being banned was simply part of the process. When they realised that one gifter was abusing the system, they removed the other gifters from the site just as a precautionary method. Hopefully, once this all gets sorted out..everything will go back to normal.
    And yeah, I would of used the exploitation too. If I had found it.

  2. I kept hearing about this situation around. I had no idea what was going on. That's... interesting. I was wondering who this person is with their hundreds of dollars to be buying simpoints and gifting so many Barnacle Bay and all that and then getting banned for it. All the people that got kind of outraged by their banning I wonder if they are still so upset. I mean if what she was doing was illegal than... what is EA suppose to do pat her on the back? Kind of goes to show we all really need to get the whole story before ranting and raving and then having to "open mouth - insert foot"

  3. it makes more sense than it did before

  4. Even if I found the button I'd be too scared to use it as I'm pretty paranoid when it comes to things like that.
    This explains SO much now. Everyday I find another reason why I shouldn't hate EA but the next morning I always forget it...

  5. Well.. I still thank them :) I got free crap without anyone having to pay.. Well, still not sure about Alexurt. She did have that picture of the simpoint cards.

    Honestly.. if I came across that button I would download everything and gift people too. I wouldn't care if I got banned at all.

  6. They should've known it was there, just like the free 'Placeholder' items that they release that are soon-to-be store items. They don't do anything about it.
    But say they couldn't find it or fix it -- so, they're not going to do anything about it? Just ban Alexurt and Kerby and be done with it? That doesn't really solve anything, now does it?
    I think we all deserve 10,000,000 SimPoints after having to deal with the fiasco called EA.

  7. At least we know a little more about this fiasco, but I still think it doesn't give EA the right to ban a bunch of people without trying to figure out who did it.
    And I'm human. I would've pressed the button if I'd seen it.

  8. "I think we all deserve 10,000,000 SimPoints after having to deal with the fiasco called EA."

    or bring back the free simpoints for x amount of time ;P

    i think it's safe to say that a fair number of us here wouldn't mind using that button. It'd teach EA to pay a little more attention

  9. I honestly would have done the same thing if i just saw something that said simpoints-free. Those who created it should be punished, not those who came across and said- "Hey look- free shizzle."

  10. Fury, your like a detective when it comes to these things on the forums.

    About Alexurt and Kirby, it definitely makes more sense now.

  11. Fury, thanks for doing the digging and sorting.
    I personally wouldn't have pushed the button, but I'm phobic like that. I can understand why people would (it's a decent thing), especially because it's on the official site.
    Although (and I can't speak for anyone else) I think it seems rather obvious that this is wrong...
    We'll see about Alexurt.

  12. I'd do it too, if I wouldn't get caught. That's like shoplifting, but on the intarwebz. I can visualize the binary shelves and binary cameras watching our binary selves shopping on the web.

  13. Wow, I like the whole, "It's human" response. You'd have to be an idiot to press the button and expect no consequences. They could have easily reported that link to the mods so it could have been dealt with. You do this shit illegally you deserve a ban hammer and they are lucky that is all they received.

  14. ^^ ROFLMAO!

    And, well, even though what Kerby did was morally wrong, he did it for Simmers for good. I can't say it's bad because there are two sides to every story, anyway, but in this case Kerby is more right. :D

  15. FURY!!
    Why is
    ONLY FOR INVITED READERS? that's not fair! Are you quitting it or sumfink? undo it, i wanna read <3<3<33<3

  16. ...I set it to private whilst I sort out the new chapter. Chill ;)


  18. Fury that picture is fake, she never had that picture at the time when that message was supposedly wrote. It was just gave to her on the 8th of October.. That date is September 4th. Someone is just trying to cause unnecessary drama.

    Granted since she deleted her sims Facebook page and basically dropped off the face of the simming world it doesn't look good. But still nothing has been proven with her.

  19. I don't know what to believe anymore >_<

  20. About that pic of Alexurt Sims above, and its having an avi not consistent with the date on the post...
    When you change your avi, all the avi's in all your posts then change. So yeah, someone going back to find that post will of course find it with her 'current' avi. The post can be 100% real, there's no way to know without her admittance to it, however, as it still can be faked. Just sayin, it can still well be authentic.
    If miss Alexurt was innocent, why has she cut and run on those supporting her? Why when faced with the statement from EA and Kirby's admittance, did she drop out? Sounds like guilt to me. Could be wrong on that, but it sure quacks like a duck, ya know?
    At least Kirby has the dignity to admit to and face up to what he's done and accept his punishment from EA.
    By the way, posting a few pics of some sim point cards and a few of over a hundred pages of her purchase history doesn't prove she didn't steal. Just proves she bought THOSE particular ones. Where are her statements from when this sim point button fiasco happened?

  21. crap!!! that's true! so sorry fury! I forgot all about that, dang I'm dumb.

    sorry sorry. But anonymous above me, you're absolutely right.