Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tra La La

Alrightyroo, good news re: the game situation.

So I used S3PE to shove all my files together liek (excluding mods and sliders) and it does indeed seem like things are moving faster. Howevers, the problem with it not loading at all still remains- but luckily it seems it's just the one save file. I tried my game with like three different save files and, yeyyyy, it works fine. The corrupt file isn't important anyways- just one I use for trying out new Sims- so hurrah everything is good in my Simmie world XD

Now, as my game is up and running again I was able to complete a Sim I was working on, and here she is:

Get her HERE

I tried a new skin for this one, that of the Lady Frontbum, and I'm somewhat in love. It's rather gorgeous as you can see, but I'm not sure if it'll be a permanent switch- I could do with one that's a little less button-nosed, plus the stomach shading is a bit too hungry for my tastes.

But then again, that is the joy of non-default skintones isn't it- I can mix and match for every occasion :D

I had something else to say but I've blanked on what it is, so I'll just shut up yeah? Yeah.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Computer Confusion

Okay so I'm having some issues with ma game, and I thought I'd seek some advice.

Ever since I patched, my game has been taking a rather long time to load. Pre-patch it was like maybe ten minutes (my computer is olde and cranky anyways) but now it's at least twenty minutes or more. It's annoying, but not terrible. Ah, but then it got worse.

You see, since the patch added some new sliders to my game it's wreaked a bit of havoc with the ones I already had. As you may know there are only a certain number of slots persay for custom sliders, and if you have too many they stop working. Therein lies my problem.

To fix this I downloaded the increased slider hack from MTS, but after placing it in my files I found my problems with loading were much worse- my game wouldn't even get past the first loading screen :/

After this happened I then removed that mod from my files, but the problem remains. My game has done it a little bit before to be honest- not loading at all- but now it seems somewhat permanent.

So yeah, advice? I thought about asking on the forums but I knew I'd just get a bunch of SimGurus jumping on me and going 'The Sims 3 does not support third party mods rah rah rah', or people trying to ban me for mentioning scandalous breast sliders or summat.

I think I may have to resort to a complete un/reinstall to be honest, which wont be so bad as long as I back up all my shiz. Ideally though it would be nice not to have to do that, so if you have any suggestions let me know. Am I the only one who's suffered from ridiculous loading times after patching?

Thanks in advance for any advice you have to offer :)

Friday, 28 May 2010

Best Glitch EVAR

This posted by hippiedippie927 over on the forums today really made me, well...

Gotta love a good roflcopter ;)

P.s.- hippiedippie if you're around, thank you very much for the gift!

It's Here...

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A Treat for Thine Eyes

I stumbled across these gorgeous pictures today over at Jin-Ah's Sim Art; thought I'd share.

Lovely stuff no?

Monday, 24 May 2010

Word of the Day


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Introducing... Stanford Prison

Hello my dears, I bring to you a walkthrough of the lovely prison I've concocted for my upcoming experiment, as well as the results of my prisoner/guard random role draw. Would you like to see it? Go on, dance for me and I'll let you see it ;)

Oh alright then.


Now you can see from that thar what your little Simmies look like in my game. Obvs there's differences due to skins and eyes etc, but other than that if you notice summat weird you can let me know.
I don't have all the correct clothing as they'll be wearing uniforms anyways, but if you think your Sim's makeup or eyebrows or whatev are a bit off then tell me liek.
All hairs should be fine, the only one I changed is Esther's cause the GoS one is high-poly and shiz. Hopefully you likes the replacement Amiee :)

So yeah. Excited about being locked up are we?

(P.s.- I know this preview is on the storyboard, but fear not- future episodes will have their very own blog).

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The RubytheFuzzled Interview

Guten tag meine liebe, and welcome to another exciting installment of 'FuryRed Interviews...'!

Today's interviewee is the wonderous RubytheFuzzled- writer of Ruby and the Grim, murderer of innocents, and all-round ace Simmer.

Let's get to it shall we...

Hai Ruby, you’re looking nice today- how are you?
Blargh, I'm sick, and overemotional. I must look uber sad as well, because a mad scientist spent about an hour asking me what's wrong. To be honest, I think I just need a lot of caffeine.

Now most people probably know you from your forum story Ruby and the Grim, but for those who are unaware could you explain a little about the story.

Ruby and the Grim is about me, having the Grim Reaper's kids, whilst being crazy.

What inspired you to start this malevolent tale?

I was bored and I couldn't sleep one night, so I started thinking about the Sims, and the Grim skinned kids, and how I wanted them, and how weird it would be to make my Simself get with the Grim. I mentioned the idea on the forums one night, I think I managed to get a bit of enthusiasm, so I went along with it.

How do you feel about the fact that your story has gained such a huge following?
I used to read Sims 2 legacies, and wish I was as awesome and popular as them, so now I feel sort of "Wow, I got what I wanted from over a year ago, go moi!" -ish. It was definitely unexpected and awesome.

Would you still be writing it if you’d hadn’t received such great feedback?

Of course, writing is brilliant fun when I feel like actually writing, and even if people had've thrown rotten fruit at me, I probably would've just lived out a bizarre dream of mine that involved swimming in rotten fruit, and continued writing.

If you had to pick one of your Grim children as your favourite, who would it be and why?

If I had to play favourites... I don't know. I think that Despair would be the most fun to poke, so I guess I pick him.

Despair is just all kinds of awesome.

In recent times the story has taken more of a dramatic turn with the deaths of some key characters, what made you decide to go down this route?

This whole turn itself was a long time coming, I had known since about a week after I started what I wanted to happen, and I tried to delay it for a while, but in the end, I did it for myself, to keep things interesting.

Do you ever feel guilty about anything you do to the Sims in your story?

I felt quite guilty after killing Grim, but they are just pixels, so I don't feel that attached.

A few months ago when the maintenance of the TS3 site happened the result meant the forums were down for a week, and then new sections were added that could only be seen sporadically.
Your thread- Ruby and the Grim- was moved to one of these new magical mystery sections, meaning that you could no longer access it.

Do you think this had an effect on your story- either by reducing the number of people reading it when it did come back or by making your own interest in writing it wane?

Argh, yes. It happened at a time when I was both inspired and had a bit of free time up my sleeve, and since I couldn't post, I let the moment go, and couldn't update for ages. I think that contributed to people losing interest, because nothing new had happened for months. Also, it made me hate on EA more, and made me detest their forums.

What can we expect from Ruby and the Grim in the future?

Not much more, to be honest. I'll probably only write another chapter, then I have other things I'll be going on with, as well as a hell of a lot of real life.

In December 2009 you were permabanned from the site. Now due to the wrist-slappage that occurs when you discuss bans on the forums most of us only heard a little bit about what really happened, though I’m lead to believe it had something to do with Awesome Mod.
Could you elaborate on what events caused you to be banned?

I was stupid, and mentioned the no disc needed for TS3 with Awesome Mod thing.

Had you previously ever been temporarily banned or received warnings of any nature
One warned and temp banned, for the same offense. Apparently, if they warn you that you did something bad before you get banned for doing that *one* thing, (which was a rant post in an invisible thread, by the way), it can count as two offenses.

Do you think the Guru’s acted fairly when they chose to ban you?

Yeah, it didn't really bother me much that they had perma'd me, more that they said specifically in another email that I only had received a three day suspension, liars.

What made you decide to come back, this time as RubytheConfuzzled
Boredom, the fact that I have an attention span of about three seconds and couldn't decide on not coming back. So I did. Also, I couldn't be bothered reposting all of my story elsewhere.

Have you noticed a change in the atmosphere of the forums in recent months, and if so what’s changed and how do you feel about this?

Yes, definitely. It really doesn't seem alive any more. In the beginning, I could go on through the "quiet" hours of the forum, and still have loads of people to talk to, and tonnes of craziness. But now, if I go on, it's dead. A lot of the people I liked talking to have been kicked out, and a lot of the others have tired of returning to EA's mess. And, some people (like myself) have chosen to spend more time with real life.

All in all, now if I go on, I see the Gurus trying to install some life into the place with bare minimum effort, and they fail dismally. I see the same old questions being asked repeatedly, the same ideas being bragged about as if they are unique "Hay guyzz, u no wat no1 els3 h4s evar thouht bout? WE NE3D petz 4 sims 3 lol!!!!1!" and it's just boring now.

What do you think could be done to improve the TS3 site?

Ah, that's the problem with me, I bitch about stuff, but I never know how to solve it.

I s'pose it would help if the mods had a clue before they started dishing out the permabans. And, maybe tried to make the forums work in the first place. And have a clue about what's going on, joining in on regular threads more, rather than starting their own special club.

What is your favourite method of Simmie murder?
Fire. The "On Fire" moodlet is just precious. Although, I'm slowly being converted to the electricity side.

If you could introduce a new way for Sims to die into the game, or bring one back from older Sims games, what would it be?

Even though I love the cowplant, I feel as though the game is distinctly lacking in explosions. So, I'd probably bring in epic exploding cowplant, that eats Sims and then explodes. Or explodes, then eats Sims.

So let's imagine you wake up one day and *BAM* you’re a Sim- plumbob and everyfink. There’s probably a lot of things you can do in the Sims that you can’t do in real life- what would you do first?

Oooh, muhahaha, play with Dexter! I'd also probably edit myself in CAS, make myself taller and turn myself purple. I'd definitely find Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, I *so* want to poke him (no, I *totally* don't have a weird obsession with poking people). I'd motherlode myself, and pig out on expensive food, live in a castle... but first, I'd have to try and capture my plumbob. I want it so badly, hanging *just* out of my reach...

I think if I were a Sim I think I'd download a hottie, use testingcheatsenabled true cheat to drag our relationship all the way up, then head to the boudoir ; )
Of course I'd probably have to download that penal attachment thingy Cele has...

If you could choose any mythical type character to be introduced to the Sims franchise (vampires, elves etc.) what would it be and why?

Dragons. Or flying bunnies. I can't decide!

Is there anything in particular you’d like to see in future expansion packs?

Multitasking. It seems weird that Sims focus so intently on one thing at a time. If Sims pass each other, they could casually say hi and have their relationship increase. Also, superpowers. I want to see someone throw a car over the diner, it would make my day.

I think that's the best idea for an expansion pack I've ever heard- I would love to have Superheroes in the game! Let's hope EA takes note :)

What mods do you currently have in your game, and how have they made your gaming experience better?

Dexter, Chaos painting, Twallan's Supercomputer and Story Progression, and a thousand little ones. Dexter just gives me happiness 'cause I'm all evil and Sims killing other Sims makes me laugh, Chaos is my savior when I *need* a certain picture, and Twallan's mods for making my game happy and playable.

I get the feeling you'll like the new Weapon's System mod at MTS that let's you use firearms to shoot and kill Sims. I saw it and thought of you ;)

Do you think any of these mods are things that EA should have included in the game in the first place?

Story progression working from the start would have been nice, as would have the options of the Supercomputer (why did they take out the uber boolprop anyway?).

I wondered that myself- boolprop was useful for so many things, though I heard that if you used it too much it could destroy your game... O_O

Are there any mods you’d like to see made in the future?

A mod that turns every food into pie, and ... I forgot where I was going with this ... mmm pie.

If you could ask the EA anything, what would it be?

I would ask them to teach me Simlish, so I can confuse people.

Is there anyone you’d like to suggest for me to interview in the future?

I'd love for Hydra to answer questions, but I think that wish stems from me wanting to yell at her. Same with Poptart. Out of genuine interest, anyone who can make machinima. Machinima is shiny.

And finally today’s readers question is sponsored by BittenAngel:

It’s a game of Marry/Woohoo/Kill, but this time with a Mod flavoured twist.
Out of the following three, if you were a Sim and if you had to, who would you marry, who would you woohoo, and who would you kill?

Your choices are SimGuru_BGY_11, SimGuruBrent, and Nichaedemus.

Here's a picture for those who need a looksie at their visages:

Ooooh, woohoo Nichaedemus, because he's the most smexy. Kill BGY, because he seems like the kind of Sim I'd kill, and marry Brent, because I don't know much about him, and divorce is always an option.

You mean murder is always an option doncha? >: D

Word Vomit

Okay so this stuff has been on my mind for a while now...

I saw this on Vid's blog yesterdae, and to be honest it made me feel a bit sad:

As Cele so rightly said in the comments- Vid is no me and I'm no Vid either, and it should be obvious that no one is better than the other.

I don't know if it's just harder to see from where I am, but I don't get this fame thing. Yes I may be well-known in the Sims community, but I'm probably a very normal person so I find it hard to comprehend where this idolisation comes from.
I'm not discounting the admiration- I still appreciate every single person who takes time out to comment on my blogs- but it's just a bit weird for me when I know people think of me in this way... but there is something worse.

Maybe I should make this nice and clear.

I don't sit around all day thinking I'm the best thing since Tunnocks Teacakes. Back in the day I used to write my stories and not that many people read them, and that was okay- I loved writing my legacy and that's why I did it.

When I started this blog I only had a few objectives:
- To organise all my shit.
- To have a place where I could talk freely about whatever I wanted without fear of being reprimanded.
- To create a space where I could chat to my pals from the TS3 site.
- To perhaps hopefully one day get a mention or a link on the Mares.

That was it. I wasn't seeking Sim-world notoriety, and the fact that people think I've achieved this is of little consequence to me.

Is it nice to have people acknowledge and respect me? Yes.
Does it make a damn bit of difference in my everyday life? No.

I'm sure if I left the Sims community the mourning party would be brief- you'd go on without me, and it wouldn't matter that I was absent. I know this.

This should be clear to everyone in fact, but instead I feel like I'm having to defend myself all the time. Some people out there seem to think I do think I'm the best thing since Tunnocks Teacakes, and are fond of saying so. Never to my face though, oh no.

It's always the same- 'Fury never talks to me, Fury only talks to people who are popular.'

If I don't talk to you maybe that's because I'm busy, or I don't have anything to say, or you're just annoying. And if I were only giving my time to people who are 'popular' then I'd probably be off bumhugging Ruby all the time. I chat to people because we have things in common or because they make me laugh- I don't seek out all the cool kids of the community, and if you think my Simmie pals are all that then it's just nice for them I guess.

I try to answer everyone who asks me something or leaves me a comment, but I'm not Superman (despite Super FuryRed). And besides, if you spam my blog it's going only to make me even less likely to comply.

But of course the real issue I have with this whole thing is that all these 'problems' people have with me clearly can't be that bloody important, because they never tell me directly.

And this is the downside of this so-called fame. One minute people are nice as pie to my virtual face, but behind the scenes they can't wait to have a poke.

I wouldn't be anything without my 'fans' right?

Well actually yes I would- I'd still be me. I'd still have my family, my friends, my health.
Whether you like me or whether you don't I'm still the same person, and I'm not about to change any time soon.

So if you want to hate me just because people know my username, go ahead. Do me a favour though- if you go down that route then spare me the bullshit. Don't bitch about me to your little friends then come back over here and praise me. I'd rather have your hatred than your fakery, and even then I'd just throw it away.

At the end of the day if everyone suddenly decided to stop following my blog I'm sure I would survive, so if you really do think that little of me then go ahead- piss off already.

Sims may be fun, but a game is just a game.

I know what's important, I just wish you did too.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Alrightyroo, it's time to reveal the participants chosen for The Stanford Prison Experiment.

I've selected ten and I think that's it. I might stretch to twelve if I get an exciting late entry, but I don't want my game to become too lagtastic yanno?

So, in no particular order the 'lucky' individuals are:

- Marko Caldwell
- Ruby the Fuzzled
- Esther Naoma
- Wolfie
- Mort
- BittenAngel
- Apple Rotten
- Randomspirit
- Little Red Riding Hood
- Zeus Ugworth

I hope you understand and aren't too disappointed if you weren't chosen. If I could have like a million Sims take part I would.

Now, to the fun part >: D

Each of the participants will be required to complete a mental health screening in order to ensure that they are well enough to take part.

Well, when I say 'required' you don't have to do it obvs, but it'll help give me an insight into how your Sims would react in any given situation. Plus, it'll be funzies XD

If the Sim I have is your Simself then you can answer the questions as you would normally, and if the Sim I have is just one you made then you can answer how you think they would.

On with the show...

What are you afraid of?

Do you ever feel like people are watching you?

Are you batshit crazy?

Do you have any rituals or routines you feel you have to do each day?

Are people out to get you?

Do you think that I’m watching you right now?

Do you get nervous in social situations?

If you saw someone looking at you from across the room what would you think?

If John has seven beans and he gives four to Sally, does that mean that John is a paedophile?

What makes you happy?

What do you think your faults are?

What are you wearing?

What am I wearing?

What the hell am I on about?

How do you feel about being locked in one room for days and days?

What do you hope to achieve by taking part in this experiment?

Thanks all XD

I shall be doing the random draw soon to see which of you will be prisoners and which of you will be guards.

Good luck!

And The Result Is...

So the patch passed the first test- I went into my game and it wasn't ablaze. There were no blue lots of doom, everything seemed normal excusing the memos that kept popping up urging me to try Shop Mode.

I went into CAS and, extreme yay, all the Sims I'd been trying to download were finally working. What's more I was now able to have non-default skins which made me sehr happy.

By this point I was giddy, so I shoved some Sims into a household and went to play with them and try the new interactions out.

That's where it all went wrong.

Currently, my Sims can only be Mean to each other. That's it. No Friendly, no Romantic, no nothing.
I've heard about this glitch before and it prompts only one question:


Now I shall be spending the next however-long trying to fix this problem.


Edit- alrighty after my slight spaz there I feel a bit better now. As Bitten suggested I took the hacks out of my game and all is good now, I guess I just need to figure out which mod is causing it to freak out. I can't cope without mods though so I'm not binning them D:

This whole thing is pretty new to me. In the TS2 days I didn't even know about CC or mods so I never worried about this stuffs. It definitely makes updating more tricky, and technology not working is the one thing that frustrates me more than anything else in the world.

Hmm, what are you gonna do eh?


It's a bit scary...

Okay in relation to The Stanford Prison Experiment I've been working on downloading some Sims, but as I said before it's not going too well. So far the only success I've had is in downloading one of Cele's Sims; other than that's it's just been a bunch of fail. Therefore, I think I've come to a bit of decision...

I think I'm going to patch my game.


It's scary alright cause I really don't want my game to die in a fire, but I'll be patching in like a month when I get Ambitions anyways so I guess I might as well get on with it. I'm gonna save everything I need on my external harddrive so if something does go wrong I'll be prepared, but hopefully that wont be the case.

You see, I'm lead to believe that all these problems are supposedly caused by custom content, so if I take my entire mods folder out before I patch then it should be okay right? I was wondering though, do I have to remove all my Sims3pack CC as well? Cause downloading all that again would be a fucking nightmare.

Also, does anyone know how to remove mods completely? Cause obvs if I patch I need to replace my Story Progression mod with the latest version, but I've got to get all of the old one out first.

So yeah, if anyone has and suggestions of help to get me through this terrible time that would be lovely ;)

Wish me luck!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Your Boy Is Evil

Hallo. So recently, due to imminent prison plans, I've been downloading a lot of Sims, and as expected it's turning into a bit of a fail sesh.

One Sim I was after thieving was this one by Simmersaurus_Rex, but sadly I was denied. Consequently I decided to make one inspired by him instead, and this was the result.

Wolfie may seem nice, harmless even, but don't be fooled. He carries a teddy bear with him only to lure innocent victims with...

He'll huff, and he'll puff, and he'll blow your house down.
He'll blow you... away.

Oh sure he's a bit of a beefcake, but try to resist his charms.
Please- your very life depends on it.

Oh, and he's also a giant.
Well, as giant as Sims can get with the help of sliders.

Wolfie- coming to a Stanford Prison Experiment near you, soon.


Ah, so that's what my Sims will look like when I get a shiny new computer (and if I accidentally misplace all their clothes).

Yanno, as much as I love the Peggy skintone it's a bit... veiny. I don't need that much realism in my game, and it's not as if there's even a nice surprise waiting if you pan down- there's just a confusing bump...

(And that's the way it should be, perverts).

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Thanks to Metalz

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Seeing these cute little guys everywhere is definitely brightening up the forums for me somewhat ; )

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Lack of Publicity

So there you have it peoples, the very first interview! (Scroll down if you haven't read it yet).

Now originally I was going to start a topic in General Discussion on the forums to let people know about this, but recent circumstances have made me a bit hesitant...

Back in the day I used to see all these people being banned and think 'that'll never be me'. Yes, some of the bans were perhaps silly and overly harsh, but you could always see what the perpetrator had done wrong. In the past couple of months it changed slightly- the bans got more ridiculous but I could still see them coming. Even my own ban a few weeks ago was predictable in a sense- the incident could definitely be seen as a lapse in judgement in my part; not because I did anything wrong but because I should have known better- I know what the Gurus are like. Now though it's different.

For reals.

In the past I thought I was safe- I thought as long as I didn't do anything stupid then I couldn't be banned- but how do I know that for sure now? I'm afraid to post anything- anything at all- because it might get me perma'd, and while that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world I resent the Gurus having that much control over me.

And so I find myself not only going on the forums less but just being a creeper instead of an active poster, and the sad thing is it's not even me who's going to suffer from this. I see people on the forums sometimes just looking for answers, and I know I can help them but I'm stuck. I want to reply- I want to tell them I know how to fix their issues with custom content or glitchy babies, but I'm fearful.

Some people may be thinking 'well what's the point in not being banned if you're not going to post?', but I guess that's because, to a lot of people, the forums are the main enticement of the TS3 site. They get banned and they go running back, but I couldn't do that. The thing that matters to me- the reason I continue to be a member of the community is because I'm proud of my standing and my studio. If I got banned and went back I'd be starting from zero again, and it just wouldn't be worth it.

Oh I'm having a ramble again aren't I? I guess what I'm trying to say is... this sucks. We shouldn't be afraid to post normal, helpful things on the forums for fear of undue repercussions.

It's a fucking joke.

*sigh* To be honest I might chill the fuck out and post it on the forums later- we'll see how friendly things are looking I guess.

The Aoxa Interview

Hello, and welcome to the very first installment of 'FuryRed Interviews...'!

Today's interviewee is Aoxa, creator of The Smith Legacy- probably the most popular Sims 3 legacy of all time. Round of applause for Aoxa everyone ; )

Without further ado, let us begin...

Hello Aoxa, lovely to see you- how are you today?
I’m doing well, thank you. It’s nice to see you today as well, or read you... whatever...

So I'm afraid I must start with the standard question- how long have you been Simming?
I have been Simming since I was 13 years old, and I am nearly 23 now, so almost 10 years!

Now your legacy, the Smith Legacy, has been going since June 2009- nearly one whole year now! What made you decide to start a legacy?
I started reading GRAYCURSE’s legacy and was inspired to start my own. I never imagined that it would become so popular, or that I would continue this long.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Smiths, could you tell us what your legacy is about, and why people should read it.
This one is harder for me to answer. I have written about love, adultery, death, evil doings, but most of my legacy involves humour. I use a little bit of bad language (okay.. so maybe more than a little bit :P) but I would rate it PG 13. I do consider that I have readers out there as young as 8 years old.

How long did it take for your legacy to gain a solid readership? What made you push on with it rather than giving up like so many Simmers out there?
I would say it started getting quite popular around September 2009, so that’s a little over 3 ½ months. I didn’t give up because I enjoyed writing about the Smiths, and I still do. Sometimes it feels more like work than other times though. There are readers out there that put a lot of pressure on me to get another chapter out. I have never missed a week though!

In December 2009 you announced that you were ceasing to post the Smith Legacy on the storyboard due to a number of factors. For those who don't know, could you explain the reasons behind your decision to leave.
I decided to stop posting on for a few reasons:
  • The abuse of the story board was insulting. I didn’t want to see my hard work placed next to: OMG –AoxA’s A GuY!
  • Create a story was horrible. I can’t even count how many times I lost a story mid way through. Don’t even get me started on deleting each screen shot one by one.
  • The image quality was horribly compressed.
  • No spell check.. That was beyond irritating…
  • People had to go to Livejournal to comment anyways, so why not just make it a one stop place? I’d go on about how awesome it is to post on LJ, but they don’t pay me, so screw that lol.

Did the fact that you would no longer be upping your recommendations on a regular basis make your decision to leave any harder?
Not really. I cared more about the number of comments anyways :) It has been going up on Livejournal. I believe most people have followed me there, and new ones have started reading as well.

The Smith Legacy is now on generation thirteen. Do you have any special plans for the Smiths in the future?
I am starting my first chapter of generation fourteen this Saturday actually. I am very excited! I don’t know of anyone else who has made it this far. I have some plans, but they are secret plans lol. I plan to shock some people (in a good way of course) soon enough.

How long do you think you’ll be continuing to write for?
I know I will continue for the Summer. I have always said I would until I got bored of the Smiths, but that hasn’t happened yet :) I got bored of The Sims 2 within 3 months.

What advice can you offer Simmers who plan to start their own legacy?
Three words: GRAMMAR, SPELLING, PUNCTUATION. You lose respect for someone when you read something with errors. I’m sorry… It’s true. I like things neat. I know I’m not the only one!

What are some of the stories that you enjoy reading, and what is it about them that interests you?
I very much enjoy Rubystone77’s The Gibson Legacy and her If You Only Knew series. I like her IYOK series for the heart wrenching events that we all can relate to, and her Gibson Legacy is very funny :) I also like reading the Salzaar Legacy. He/she hasn’t gone past two chapters, but I could re-read them. Oh and The Deens Legacy. That one is hilarious! All of these are on LJ. There is a Simming community there believe it or not :) I am not a part of it, but I do keep my eye on the writers.

The storyboard is prone to a lot of drama which you've been a part of. Not through personal choice or even involvement I know, but your name has been dragged into a number of 'fights' that have taken place. What is your view of these confrontations?
My view is that they are totally uncalled for. There were some really stupid things being said back and forth on my behalf. I have avoided the storyboard completely after the last fight. If there were any since then, I haven’t heard about it.

Are you partly flattered that people admire your work so much that they would argue about it, or are these quarrels just a source of irritation?
It was 100% irritation. There are other ways of contacting me to tell me something. You don’t need to write a story about it to get my attention. I didn’t want to be defended. There is even a Stop Bullying Aoxa fanpage on Facebook, lol. At least it’s not on the storyboard though!

I just had to put a link to the fanpage on here, it was quite sweet : P Definitely made me chortle- my favourite part was 'SAVE HER!!!' Sims is Life and Death yanno?

When the Sims 3 was released last year it took a big step forward by being one of the first games to allow gay marriage (previously in Sims 2 same-sex couples were simply ‘joined’). What did you think of this addition?
I didn’t even realize that. I guess that’s just me not paying attention :P I think it’s awesome though!

Do you think the addition of gay marriage to the game will help people to become more open minded, or will it ultimately cause more harm, and controversy, than good?
I believe that it will help kids to open their mind a little more. Being gay means something different then it did when I was 13. I have had a few same-sex couples so far, and I haven’t received any negative remarks concerning it. In fact, I haven’t received much controversy over my sexuality at all. I wonder how many 13 year olds that I have convinced being gay is not so horrible after all.

I found the following when researching this topic; thought I'd share as it was interesting:

Source: Mad Atoms

What do you think of the Sims3 games as opposed to their predecessors? Are they any aspects of gameplay that you feel are lacking?
Where do I start here…? The story progression (though lacking sometimes) is a big factor in the greatness of TS3. I also love the variety of traits and new skills to learn. The gradual pregnancies are my favourite!

What would you like to see in future expansions?
I would love to see more age groups, or gradual aging. Wouldn’t that be amazing?! A toddler slowly becoming a child, who slowly becomes a teen! Imagine the memory it would take to play that though.

My computer would implode at the prospect I'm sure.

Have you experienced any of the well-known glitches that seem to have plighted the games since their inception? If so, are you satisfied with the support given to you by EA and the speed with which they are working to combat these issues?
I have never received support from EA. I manage them all myself... I have had everything. From falling through the floor to plates stuck on hands. Freezing during interaction… I can’t even begin to list them all.

Do you feel EA customer service representatives are doing all they can to make their customers happy? If no, why not? What could they do to improve matters?
I don’t really know. I have never thought about it before. I have heard that they take forever to respond to a question though. Maybe they could get more representatives to answer e-mails about issues with the game. I bet I answer more than they do!

Time for a little game of Marry, Woohoo, Kill now. You’ll be given a choice of three Sims and you have to decide, if you were a Sim and if you had to, which Sim you would marry, which Sim you would woohoo, and which Sim you would kill.

Your choices are: Agnes Crumplebottom, Cornelia Goth, and Vita Alto.

Here's a picture for those who need a refresher of what they look like:

Try not to let the overwhelming sexiness of Agnes’s hair sway your decision in any way…
That’s a toughy… I’d definitely woohoo Cornelia over the other two… Kill Vita.. So I guess Marry Agnes. XD The other two sure are ugly though… I don’t think I would marry either of them. Can’t I kill two and marry and woohoo Cornelia?!

Nuh-uh, cheater : P

I think I'd marry Cornelia- then I could woohoo her as much as I desired during our marriage. By default I'd have to woohoo Agnes, though would have to put a bag over her head first. Then I'd kill Vita, but not before having a word with her about that god-awful blusher she wears...

Who are some of your favourite custom content creators?
PeggyZone –hands down. I also love Sky Sims for the kids clothing. I pretty much download everything I want off of Paysites Must Be Destroyed.

What one custom content item can you not live without at the moment?
Hair. I need more!

Are there any specific items of CC that you’d like to see made in the future?
I’m always looking for new nursery furniture. There is such a shortage of kid stuff… Clothing, hair, accessories, toys, furniture, etc..

And finally a readers question now, courtesy of CeleSeraphym:

When creating Sims and playing the game, do you decide what your Sims get up to based on your own personal values and beliefs, or do you use the game as a way to explore other ideas?
That’s a good question. I believe in marriage lasting. This is why I have never had a divorce. I have had adultery, but he wasn’t committed. That was Ashton who ended up with seven children. My personal values usually have nothing to do with how I play my game.

Do you find yourself making Sims that are similar in looks/ethnicity/culture to yourself, or do you attempt to fill your neighbourhood with a diverse range of characters?
I haven’t made a sim for my neighbourhood since Edward, over five months ago. I love culture. I didn’t get a wide range of it in my game, but now it’s booming with different races :) As for looks, definitely not. My Smiths are like super models now XD

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Incarcerate Me

So with regards to my imminent Sims plans I have some more info…

As you know already the title of my project is ‘The Stanford Prison Experiment’. I thought this might ring some bells with some of youse guise, but clearly you have no idea what I'm on about >_<

>Full Readz

In summary though:
The Stanford Prison Experiment was a psychological study conducted in the 1970s by a Mr Zimbardo. Volunteers were set up in a makeshift prison, and were randomly allocated the role of either prisoner or guard. The idea was to see how these roles and the environment impacted the participants behaviour.

I plan to do the same, but with Sims ; )

Naturally it wont be as straightforward as that- there will be definite elements of manipulation on my part- we must keep it interesting after all… Bahaha!

But anyways, let’s get to the ‘volunteers‘…

-If I plan to use your Sim and you don’t want me to, just say.
- I will of course be mentioning in the story that they're your Sim, with links and all that jazz.

Random, Bitten, Ruby- I’ve thieved your Simselves. Amiee I tried to get yours but it just wasn’t having it, so instead I downloaded Evil Esther.

Y’see, I think it’d be cool to not only have a few Simselves in this story, but some regular Sims too. So far the only recruitment my end has been Mort:

I don’t want only regular Sims for this though, in fact I think it’d be quite fun to have some Sims from other stories take part.

First on my list is naturally Zeus Ugworth, so Bitten if you could be awesomely awesome and upload him to MediaFire or summat for me that’d be grand.

Clairezy I’d quite like to use Apple Rotten if you’re okay with that.

I have my eye on Gage Uglacy but I don’t know if Candi would mind.

I think I might stick The Doctor in there too.

Other than that, ergh I dunno. I plan to recruit here rather than the forums because I know the main response will be ’feel free to choose any Sim from my studio’, and that’s not what I’m after. I wouldn’t expect people to make Sims specially for moi unless they were really inclined, but I’d definitely like people to suggest specific Sims that they’d like me to include.

Of course just finding people to volunteer Sims is only part of the problem.

Considering my computer is notoriously spasmodic when it comes to installing Sims successfully it’s somewhat hit and miss regarding who I can get my grubby hands on. The only real success I’ve had recently is getting Bitten’s Simself as made by Kelle- so Kelle if you have any Sims you think would be suited to this project or if you’d like to make one fresh liek that would be awesomesauce.

And if anyone else has a Sim to volunteer that‘s wicked. I can’t guarantee that they’d work in my game or even that I’d choose them, but we’ll see how it goes.

So… what do you all think?

(P.s.- I will of course be updating Escape to Riverview before I start all this shiz).

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

-insert clever title here-

I must extend much love to Aoxa right now...

Y'see, I've just spent the last few minutes sat at my computer crying thanks to a link she posted.

I should point out though they were tears of laughter >_<

This is the Salazar Legacy by fantasia, and I must say imo it's fucking brilliant.

fantasia is definitely going on my list of prospective interviewees fo sho- a list that is growing all the time.

I think it'll be nice to not only examine the opinions of the many well-known Simmers out there, but to also shed light on some of the hidden gems. Consequently, if you ever have any suggestions of people you'd like me to look into feel free to share : )

In the meantime imma get back to reading, as well as trying to pry my cat out from behind the sofa (I have friends over and she's nervy).

; )

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Interview Progress

Alrighty, so with regards to the interviewness we're off to a good start. I've emailed Aoxa and am waiting for a reply on that front, but in the meantime the lovely Ruby has agreed to answer some questions- yayyy XD

I'll be compiling some stuffs to ask in the next couple of days, but in the meantime you can help me out.

As Bitten suggested it would be a neat idea to have some readers' queries thrown in, so if you have any burning questions you'd like to ask Ruby the Fuzzled, post 'em now and I shall choose my favourites.

Thankies x

Editation- any questions you'd like to ask Aoxa would also be grand :D

Monday, 10 May 2010

Be Afraid...

Since my legacy ended I've found myself in a bit of limbo...

I need to get on with Escape to Riverview, but I've come to a stopping point as, although I know what will happen in the conclusion of the story, I haven't quite planned how to get there...
My other semi-story, Fury and the Doctor, has also come to brief pause, this time due to the people who run the TS3 site being about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Y'see, a Simmer by the name of ggavric8887 has been so unbelievably kind as to gift me the entire Bayset set from The Store (wheeeeee!) but unfortunately I can't get at it yet.
I wanted to use the shiny new kitchen and bathroom stuff as part of a new house for myself and the Doctor and our companions, but it wont fricking download.

How many people does it take to run that fucking site? There's about a hundred SimGurus listed, and yet somehow they're incapable of making it work >: |

Anyways, consequently I've been twiddling my thumbs a bit when it comes to the Sims. I haven't just played the game in a really long time, and I can't imagine ever doing so again without taking pics and writing about it.
I've been brainwashed by my own legacy >_<

I have another story planned but I wont be starting it until I get a new computer, which may not be for a few months.

I need something short-term to do, something fun... and then I had an idea...

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Details coming soon...

In other news I mades myself a sexeh Sim todae:

Get him here

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Guess Who?

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Plans, Important Plans!

I've been doing some thinkings...

You may have noticed that, on the TS3 site, they've started a new feature- Community Spotlight Interviews. It's been going for a little while now- I think they've done two so far- and it's nice and all but it's rather limited...

The questions they ask always seem to be the same sort of thing- how long have you been Simming, how did you get into *insert specialist Sim field*, yadda yadda yadda, and it's interesting but I can't help feeling there could be so much more. There's things I'd want to ask, things like what are your views on EA's customer service, and who's hotter- Hank Goddard or Cyclon Sword?

I get the feeling there are a lot of quality Simmers out there who will never be interviewed, because not everyone is willing to play nicey nice just so they can get a bit of airtime. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't get their opportunity to shine, right?

And therein comes the plan...

Simmers and circumstance willing, I'm going to start conducting my own interviews.
I don't quite know how to go about it at present, mebbe just start emailing people on their blogs and whatnot, but it's a bit nervy...

I have a few targets in mind thus far, there will probably be more as time goes on.
Here's my current list- if any of the following are reading and would like to give me the nod that would be super ; )

- Aoxa
- Lady Frontbum
- Aikea Guinea
- The Mares Nest trio
- Ruby the Fuzzled
- SimGuru Poptart/Hydra (like that's going to happen)
- Nichaedemus
- Simmersaurus_Rex
- Phantomhive
- Fidlerten

I think I may hit up Aoxa first- she seems nice; I think she'd say yes : )

Wish me luck and kittens!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Death Says Hai

Hello, I'd like to introduce you to Mort.

I decided to make like a mascot for my blog, and this is what happened.
Cute isn't he? ^.^

He's a very snazzy dancer doncha know.

And he's rather smexy too.

I have noooooo idea what I'm going to do with him yet; just wanted to share >_<

He reminds me of something out of Earthworm Jim, but I have no idea what...