Friday, 30 July 2010

Shiny Newness

I've had a nice dae todae, so to celebrate let's have another chapter of The Heart Family Legacy shall we?

Chapter Three: The Mars Family Curse...


Enjoy! x

Fury is a Tramp

I'm curious about something...

Y'see, a while ago whilst browsing some legacy websites, I saw some people had those donate buttons on their pages. I'd seen them before- on custom content sites and things, but it never really occurred to me that others might stick 'em on their blogs and whatnot. And the more pressing question is: do people actually donate?

I could always do with some money, who couldn't? Mebbe I have a rich fan out there who'd like to keep me in pants and teacakes for a while. I highly doubt it, but in the interest of curiosity and mooching I'm adding one of those donate buttons to my blog.

I'll be genuinely shocked if anyone actually gives me any money, but if they do I can promise I'll spend it on something important- like CDs to listen to whilst I write a new chapter of The Heart Family Legacy. It'll be like people are paying me to Sim ;)

I've actually wondered before if I could make money off of this blog- I mean, what better than getting paid for doing what you love? But I've always drawn the line at things like Google AdSense, cause although that would rack up some funds I really don't want to subject you all to ads everywhere (like how MySims3Blog looks if you don't have ad blockers).

Instead, this seems like a nice no-obligation way of perhaps earning the odd quid every so often.

I shall keep you posted if there are any insanely generous people out there, unless they don't want me to.

Yours moochily, FuryRed.

I Have Nothing Better To Write About

I got stung by a wasp earlier for the first time since I was a little kid.

It hurt, but not as much as it hurt the wasp when I caved it's damn head in.

In other news, if you're currently messing yourself regarding the impending release of Late Night, much like me, then you may want to head over to this thread where you can find out a bunch of fresh info about it.

Peeing my pants? Oh yes I am. But does anyone else feel like these expansions are coming out too soon? I feel like I've only just fully immersed myself in Ambitions and I have so much more to discover, and yet I'm meant to throw my knickers at some brand new expansion coming out in mere months? I need time to adjust!

What I wouldn't give for a real time machine... or just a fuckload of money so I could do nothing but sit around all dae just playing Sims XD

I can dream eh?

Monday, 26 July 2010

Some Readz For You

I'm not at work much at the moment, though my friends are which kind of rules out the social side of things. Some shots I wanted to take for Escape to Riverview are proving to be more tricky than previously anticipated, so that's on the back burner. I've already watched all of Medium and Entourage. Therefore, you may have a new chapter of The Heart Family Legacy.

In all honesty I've had this chapter written up for about two days now but I've delayed releasing it because I don't want people to expect all future installments to be so speedy- because they wont be, it all depends on life.

Enjoy :)

Chapter Two: New Arrivals

Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Whole Lotta Heart

The Heart Family Legacy

Oh No You Di'nt!

Following my post on Mondae I now have a new hobby...

Yanno I never used to read the comments on MS3B, not unless they were about a Sim I'd made or if I needed to find out something, but now I just can't stop.

Hey, can you blame me? They're so damn funny:

Pure and vile genius.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Zing Out

We all know My Sims 3 Blog right- the uber helpful site that lists all the custom content you'll ever need? As well as being the number one stop for CC what it's also known for is EXTREMELY CATTY BITCHY BASTARDS.

Personally I find it fucking hilarious. If posting mean things makes these buggers feel good then it's of no consequence to me, cause I don't care.
I try not to think about the people who are actually hurt by some of the comments made...

But anyways, that's not the point of this post.
The crux of the message is this... man do I love a good zing.

Comments on MS3B may often be cruel and unneccesary, but damn are they funny...

It'd be marvelous if all the comments made on MS3B were kind and constructive, but that's never gonna happen, so I may as well enjoy the hilarity.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Good News Slash Bad News Slash Medium News

Okay, let's start with the bad news...

The Stanford Prison Experiment is no more :(

I've tried and I've tried, and the problem is unfixable. Y'see, ever since I patched a while ago the prison household has become kind of inaccessible. Because there were like eleven Sims in a household I had to use a mod to make it work, but having to take out that mod and put it back in again meant the coding to allow more than eight Sims per household was gone for a while, which fucked things up rather.

When I load the game there are no thumbnails at all, meaning I can't control any of the Sims, and when I try to split or evict the household the game shuts down. I thought if I tried it on my new compizzle it might be okay, but now instead of shutting down the game just 'processes' FOREVAR. I don't have a finished copy of the prison saved, so there's no way to fix things (and I'm not about to build it all over again).

So yes, it's buggered. It's very sad.

Ah! But now on to the good news. As a way of helping you all through this terrible time I've finally pulled my finger out regarding a certain story.

Yes, there is indeed a new chapter of Escape to Riverview.
Hopefully I can get back on track with this now :)

Part Ten: Transitions



And finally the medium news. Well, actually I think it's rather great news, but whether you do or not depends if you're a legacy fan...

I think it's becoming pretty clear that apparently I just can't stay away from legacies. It's kind of impossible for me to play my game without taking pictures and writing about it... therefore...

The Unlegacy, is no more.

Say hello to the founder of my upcoming new legacy...

Ah-ha ah-ha, Winter's movin' on up.

I learnt last time that, well, I don't like the legacy 'rules', so I'm not going to be following them. To be honest I failed massively at obeying them last time (*cough* every spouse from generation 4 onwards was a pre-made*) so this time they're out. Ha! Screw you rules.

Winter will be getting a surname change so I need to think of one for him- suggestions are always welcome.
Edit- I has made a decision, the surname will be Heart (prepare yourselves for lots of puns).

Also, I'm planning to litter my legacy town with pre-mades so if there's anyone you want shoved in there I'll do my best. Bear in mind though that I don't like downloading anything from The Exchange at all, so MediaFire is the way to go for me.

So yeah. That's what's going on atm. Look out for my new legacy starting... whenever I get around to it.

Buhbye for now! xoxo

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Winter Commeth (Of Age)

Aww, that's cute Autumn you little fireman you ^_^ Howevers we don't have time for this- there's something more important going on right now...

Uh-huh uh-huh, it's time for Winter's berfdae. Now, shall we see what sort of man he's going to turn into?

Ha...hurm...oh my. A beautiful man, clearly.

Seriously, WOOF.

Now I don't wish to over-state this in any way, but.... I think Winter's my favourite Sim of all time. He's just so adorable! Look at his face when he bashed his hand with a hammer whilst inventing. Isn't he just the cutest?!

He's so cute infact, that I allowed him to detonate the dishwasher. Well, technically it's his money after all, but still- needless destruction is not needed.

Having said that it was pretty awesome watching the explosion XD

Though it did fuck up my grass. BASTARD.

Later on that day I sent Winter out to get a tattoo, but during the procedure the chair kind of broke and folded itself up into his crotch.

I just love the look of quiet desperation on his face :P

As he's a cool skillful handy inventing guy, Winter was able to repair the chair easily, and in time he was sat back in it getting his first tattoo.

See! Look at his face; this is why I love him so ^_^ The poor dear looks so terrified, don't you just wanna give him a big hug?

Aww, there there darling- I wont let anything bad happen to you.

Oh, erm, WHOOPS. Look what that bastard tattoo woman did to him! I'm not even sure she's a real tattooist >: (


As it was like midnight by the time the STOOPID WOMAN had finished butchering poor Winter's beautiful skin we had to wait until the following day to get the tattoo removed.

This time I made sure I got a real tattooist to do the job, and got Winter inked up real nice.
Of course, she had to go and boo him after didn't she?

So, he blew up her filing cabinet. HA. Suck it bitch!

The rest of the day was spent exploring the neighbourhood and denotating things, as you do.

Oh, and a lot of time was also dedicated to looking devilishly handsome, of course.

Heyyyyyy, look who we came across whilst rummaging through the junkyard. I never would have had you pegged as a dumpster diver Miles.

And speaking of Miles, who do we have here then? Oh my, it's the illegitimate lovechild of Miles and Ginger. Tempura certainly is a wirey little fella...

Meanwhile, out in the garden Zach and Autumn were getting married (in some rather suspect formalwear...)

Sad to say they moved out not long after, but don't worry- we shall keep in touch.

What's that? You want one last picture of Winter looking deliciously cute before I go? Oh, okay then. Enjoy!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Adventures in a Dino Dimension: Part One

Okay Doctor, you better have got this right this time. We've been travelling around for like weeks I think, so if you haven't fixed the Tardis by now you're retardis.

This was meant to be just a quick trip to Milky Milk Land for some semi-skimmed for my morning cup o'tea, but instead we're been stuck fannying about through time forever.
Sure, it was nice to visit Hermaphrodite Island and The Crazy Melty World, but we really need to be getting home.

Hey what can I say Fury, I'm trying. But you know what the Tardis is like- it's temperamental... rather like someone else I know...
Besides, I need time to hotwire the fragment links and supersede the binary codes before we can get going again.

...Okay. Whatever. Just hurry up okay? Randy's stuck back at our place with Jimminy Billy Bob and Rah Rah Rah Ska Rah Rah. Can you imagine what might happen to her, alone with those two?

Err, Fury? I think we should be a little more concerned about what might happen to us right now...

Why, what do you mean? It's not another one of those glomp monsters is it? Giant wooden spoon man?... Army of dog-faced children?

I just hope it's--- AIEEEEEEE!

Oh balls, are we in trouble now...


Oh shit oh god oh crap oh no. Doctor, what the hell is going on? Dinosaurs? DINOSAURS MAN! This place doesn't look particularly prehistoric, so just where in the hell did they come from?

I don't know Fury, but it's fascinating isn't it? Doesn't it just make you wonder about the power of the universe and---

Oh can it Doctor, I don't care how pretty you think the world is.

But look, if we're going to die there's something I need to say to you...

What is it Fury?

Doctor... I'm so glad you have a really big penis.

...Thanks. That's nice. I love you too...

Well you know what I mean Doctor. Urgh, what I'm trying to say is--- what the hell is that?!


Rexy?! What on earth are you doing here?

Fury, random man in suit, there's no time to explain. Just follow me- quickly!

*dramatic music* (hum it to yourselves)

Some Time Later

This is it guys, come on in- we'll be safe here.

God Rexy, thanks so much for coming along and rescuing us like that. I thought we were Dino Snax for sure.

Hey, it's no problem Fury- all in a day's work for Simmersaurus Rex. Just one question though, how did you guys get here?

Urgh, Captain Amazing over there thought it'd be a fab idea to take the olde time travel machine out for a little spin, forgetting of course that it's a RUSTED PIECE OF SHIT.

Hey, this isn't my fault- Fury's the one who sat on that lever and sent us spinning through the vortex. I had everything under control right up until that moment... where we kind of... fell through time.
It'll be okay though- I just need to let the Tardis reboot for a day or so, then we can hop back in and fly away.

Hmm, that's a really good idea, with only one small flaw... You see, this is my world, and there's about a hundred dinosaurs standing between you and your box thingy. We're going to have to come up with something really clever if you're ever going to make it home.

Oh hey! I have a plan. I know just what we need to do...

Well that's just great, another one of The Doctor's crazy-eyed schemes...

To Be Continued

Hey kids, fancy your own dino fun?

Head HERE to download the saurs, HERE for the Doctor Who shiz, and HERE for Simmersaurus Sexy Rexy.
Be careful though! Dinosaurs bite...


What do you call a gay dinosaur?


...I'll let myself out.