Monday, 5 July 2010

Simpoints and Computers, Oh My!


I'm trying to redeem my Simpoints, and this clown keeps showing up and, well, not letting me. Bastard.

Note the funny, funny words used- 'we have one of our best people working on it'.
It's amusing enough that their 'best people' apparently can't do anything right, but the fact that they've only got one of them working on fixing the problem? Well, it explains a lot.

Anyways. When I can finally redeem ma points I shall be gifting up a storm. I have like tens of sets from The Store already and I haven't bought a single thing- it's entirely due to the generosity of the lovely Simmers out there. I've never gifted anything back before cause, well, The Store is hideously overpriced, but now thanks to the Mares I can. Woo!

Mega thanks also to everyone who voted for me. I thought I'd do okay in the Most Entertaining Poster (Outside of the EA Forum) category, but I was genuinely surprised to see I won the other two polls as well.
If I could glomp you all I would ; )

In other sexy news, check out this sexy beast!

Todae I laid down a bunch of my 'hard-earned' cash on this beautiful piece of cybertronic ass, and in like ten days or whatev it'll be in my loving embrace forevarrrrrrr.

Ho but wait! It's not just a pretty face yanno, check out the inards:

I can't wait til I get my new compizzle! It's been a long time coming and I may burst with excitement in the meantime. Ah, at least I'm going on holidae on Fridae- that'll distract me for a while.

My god, how am I going to cope with not checking my blogs and things for four whole days...


  1. Congrats on your wins and the new computer. :D

    Four days without blogging, eh? That's pretty close to torture.

  2. Ikr! I go on my computer like several times a day. I may die... Eh, I'll probably be having too much fun to care, but still. Something really interesting better not happen whilst I'm gone! :P

  3. Don't worry if anything interesting does happen, TMN will have it all chronicled for you. That site really comes in handy when you have to go out and have a real life. xD

  4. Oohhhh....pretty :D I know the feeling...I feel like part of me is missing without my computer...LOL
    Did you get the graphics card overclocked??? lol....I'm a bit of a geek :P

  5. Congrats! You most epicly deserved to win! Wowzers at the new comp. I play sims off of my laptop so It's always weird for me when I see(or hear about) people playing sims on a desktop.

  6. Nuh, I decided to not have it overclocked cause I don't think I'll need it, plus I could always do it myself one dae :)

    I can't wait til my new computer arrives!
    The excitement may kill me...

  7. I commented on it already, but that looks like an awesome rig, Fury! That motherboard supports a max of 16gb of ram -- frikkin' sweet! It's DDR2 standard, but it's fast DDR2, so you'll be in gaming heaven on that baby. I'm so happy for you! I know this has been a frustrating journey...

    Good work Fury! I would need a good vacation distraction too!! ^_^

    *wish me luck on getting mine together before 2015, LOL


  8. I'm so happy for me too! Lol, I just can't wait for it to arrive though.

    Thanks for your help with this computer shiz by the by Celery :D (And thanks Randy as well if you're lurking!)

    Good luck with getting your own sexy computer sorted ;)

    Ooh ooh... now that I'll have enough room on my harddrive for more than one game at a time I may start playing The Sims 2 again...

  9. OR!! you could admit that WOW is awesome, and start playing that XD

    *waits to be hit* :P

  10. Ohh that sounds epic Randy. ;]

    We should entice her in. Haha! We'd be like an awesome threesome (oher) chilling around on WoW.

    Wow, that just sounded so awesomely lame. |;

  11. Actually Bitten...that sounded pretty damn cool.

    *blushes from not being cool enough to join them...* :{

  12. Noooooooooo World of Wankers D:

    I tried to play it once but I just really can't see the appeal, plus according to my bro most of the people you meet on it are 'a bunch of bastards' (not including you guise, obvs).

    I do think I may try and get into some more gaming things though- gotta test out that sexy new graphics card eh ;)

    I'm leaning towards buying Bioshock atm... AND I CAN PLAY ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON AGAIN! XD


    It's all kinds of epic. :D

    And leave off the wankers! ;o Obviously you'd haff to play it with me and Randy to get the full effect of its awesomeness. :P And ofc Cel can join. ;] We'd be the Uber Quads, killin', chillin'.


    ..*slaps self*

  14. Hurhur, but I warn you the one time I played it I just couldn't help dicking around and dancing my character in people's faces XD

    And what is this Mass Effect? Does it involve running round shooting peeps?

    Methinks imma just end up buying a bunch of retro games I haven't played for ages, like Age of Empires and Thief 2!

  15. Paha, we'd have to pull you along like a child. >;P

    And Mass Effect is like a sci fi game thing. It's epic. And has a kinky scene in it. ;D Haha.

  16. UBER SQUAD! I like it 8)
    You can just imagine the four of us piss-arsing about, and getting on everyones nerves, can't ya? XD

    And, Fury you wants to play Assassins Creed.... or Fable!! As you refuse to join world of wanke... er.. warcraft - Randy demands it, consarnit >=[

  17. I have an ASUS Notebook Laptop and it is a speed demon. I can set EVERYTHING to ultra fantastically high and it doesn't lag. Well, it does a little sometimes. But not much.

  18. Ahhh so there are still some addicted to the Warcrack!! Friends don't give friends Wow Herpies guyz hehe

    Bioshock will look delicious on that masterpeice Fury, I've heard its a great game too :D

  19. Oooh Fable is fun Random! :) but stay away from WOW!! World of Warcrack is my sworn enemy as it has almost caused a divorce once or twice at my house...stoopid game, makes husbands mindless, pale, goons til wives threaten to delete characters if household to-dos don't get done 0_0

  20. @PK: Warcrack XD thats a new one to me. But its still awesome :P

    @Flutterby: Fable definately is fun =D and i love the threats you give your husband (whoa, that sounded weird XD) i would definately get my butt in gear, if someone threatened to delete my character, Lol! You stay away from my precious Draenei :P