Tuesday, 6 July 2010

OMFG, Some People Are So Cheeky!

Okay, so I ordered my computer yesterdae from Palicomp and I've been waiting for my payment to be processed. I contacted the company about it via email and apparently they needed to call me beforehand to 'prevent fraud' or summink, I danno. Anyways, I got a phone call todae and, well, it turns out the reason they wanted to talk to me is to try and get me to buy more stuffs.

Now, I've never experienced the hardsell before so it was a bit scary. Harry the Salesman talked me into getting a queuejump for a discounted rate, so my sexy compizzle will be here on Fridae- though I'm going on holidae then so that was perhaps ill advised... Either way, it's better than waiting two weeks.

Next he offered me this three year warranty package for £50, which is originally meant to cost like £100 or summat. Well, I said offered- he kind of went on about it for a while and then said "so I'll just add that on then shall I?" and I had to interrupt him and refuse.
Undeterred, Harry then offered to throw in upgrading my processor and power supply as well. I still said no, so instead he proposed just upgrading my processor and power supply for £12.50. I said no. He then offered to do it for £5... Seemed like a pretty good deal to me ;)

Now, all this is a bit nervy in itself- I don't like people trying to make me buy things- but I haven't even got to the cheeky part yet.

One of the first things Harry the Salesman said when he rang me was that the uber sexy case I wanted was out of stock, and I'd have to have a different one instead. He just kind of threw it in all casual like- "oh the case isn't a big issue anyway is it?" I believe my response was "errrrr".
Later on though I checked online- turns out the replacement case he was going to stick me with was this:

I mean it's all well and good, but look at the one I was originally meant to be getting:

Mm, it's just not cricket is it?

So, deciding this was just not gonna cut it I rang back and inquired about the case- hoping to talk my way into getting either a discount or a better one. I barely got out "you know this new case, well I've been looking online and I don't think it's as nice as the one I was originally meant to be getting" when Harry suddenly said "okay hang on a second".
Silence for about a minute then Harry comes back. "I've just had a look in the warehouse and I've found some, so you can have the case you wanted after all".


He lied to me! Harry the Salesman fucking lied to me! What a fucking jip.

I'm like so flabbergasted that he would do that, I mean it's fucking ridiculous. If I'm paying for something I expect to get it; don't try and fob me off you dick.

So yes, the moral of the story is this:


I'm sure the computer itself is going to be amazing, but I really don't appreciate being lied to like that- so go fuck yourselves Palicomp, I'm telling everyone I know not to bother with you shitbags.


  1. What an arse >=[
    I hate it when people do that. If we wanna add extra stuff to the things we ordered, we'd bloody well do it! Bloody salesmen.
    Tis why i no longer answer the phone before the machine cuts in - telemarketers can go fuck themselves. (sorry if anyone on here is in that profession, but quite simply... i hate your job XD)

  2. Aww poor Fuzzle.

    YOU GOT THE HARD SELLZ. Least he didn't try to 'dazzle' you down the phone. ;)

    And telemarketers suck. Luckily on our phone we have an I.D which says: International Call, Out of Area doodah. So unless someone we know is on holiday, we're like WTF GET THE HELL OFF MY PHONE YOU ADVERTISER. I DON'T WANT SOME LAME WINDOWS/ELECTRONICS/DUCKS, KAY?

    /end rant.

    On another note, i'm looking forward to seeing your new snazzy graphics. ;]

  3. That sucks ass Fury -- that kind of stuff gets on my NERVES. We were dealing with something a little similar trying to buy a processor this past weekend. My husband was in sales for a few years, so he cut the guy down before he had a chance to get out much of his sell AND was able to negotiate for a better deal.

    That kind of thing can really come in handy -- if you get a little training with sales, even just reading a book or some stuff online, you can turn the tables on those bastards and send their snotty little heads spinning LOL! >:)
    (and yeah, I get that they're just doing their job, but it's still obnoxious as hell)

    I'm so glad you were able to "keep" your case! It was ridiculous that he tried to swindle you into a cheaper one like that...

  4. ah the world of sales. Just wait until you need tech support, i'm sensing they could give EA a run for their money ^_^


    You get Duck salesmen on your phone :O I wnats a duck! :P

  6. LOL. I just decided to add ducks in as reference to the random crap they try to sell sometimes. :D

  7. Aaaww :( Random wants a duck, consarnit!
    ... although... probably not the best idea with two cats XD

  8. Aye we have one of those little caller id things too, but my order wouldn't be processed until they'd talked to me on the phone so I had to have the chat. Howevers, I'm now thinking that was actually total BS cause I got an email saying payment had been taken before I rang them -_-

    But yeah, I didn't come out of it too badly- I gots a 100watt upgrade on my power supply and a better processor, all for five English pounds! Still, this whole thing was pretty unsettling...

    I don't like that there are people like that in the real world >: |

  9. OH yeah, can't stand that crap. So pushy, then try to sneak stuff in or sneak stuff out. Glad you were able to catch it and get the case though!

  10. next time you get a n unwanted call start a convo about cats thats what i do ;D

  11. What a dick.
    That happned to me before. I was gettin the sexy ipod case, and this online store emailed me a picture of an ubersexy case. I was so excited, and when i opened the box...
    I emailed me the company and the apologized, and offered to take that one back and give me the one i originally wanted. I would just have to pay shipping and handling for both cases, and have to pay for the new one...
    So now i have this crappy ass clear case!
    Some people can be such jerks!

  12. Fecking Palicomp. I've had that issue before. They will do anything to take more money out of you.

  13. I've never heard of these people but I will be sure to put them on my sh*t list. Sounds a bit like trying to buy a car. Car salepeople are amongst the worst you could meet. Mind you, lying to you about the case - when quite clearly you picked THAT case - is and total nobber thing to do. I think computer salepeople are particularly bad because they can play off the fact that some people are scared of the innards. Say RAM, dynamic RAM, bios, split core processor blah blah blah enough and people will poo their pants. Not you though - good on you for fighting back