Wednesday, 30 June 2010

It's Funny Cause It's True... ^_^

I'm like dying to post this on the official TS3 site, but I just know it'll get me into trouble...

Still, you guise can enjoy it!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Oh So Shiny and New

Ahoy ahoy, fancy a lovely new FuryRed?

Now with less cartoony features ;)

Outfit by Sims 3 Inlimite
Bracelet by Club Crimsyn

Top by Evie
Shorts by Poppy Sims
Sluttier shorts from The Sims Resource

Dress by Liana Sims 3
Shoes by Parsimonious

Hair by Savio
Skin by Aikea Guinea: default, non-default
Eyeliner by Subaxi
Lipgloss by Kittehbomb

And hey, as a special bonus offer...

It's Captain FuryRed!

Ahoy matey, let's have you swab the decks you landlubbers!

Pirate hat from ModtheSims
Eyepatch ditto
Outfit by Stella Sims
Boots from The Sims Resource
Tights, ahhh I dunno

Anyone for a game of Shiver Me Timbers?

*wink wink*

New Fury: MediaFire,

Captain Fury: MediaFire, (is being mean and refusing to upload to

Monday, 28 June 2010

The Course of True Love

Marry Me.


Marry Me!


Marry Me?






Ohmygod yes YES! Oh you've made me the happiest Sim in the world!


Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hot and Cold

Hey Benji, what's with the sad face? You know that you won by a landslide right- by popular demand you're going to be Wriggle Kitteh's new boyf!

Now, why don't you go celebrate by giving our girl a kiss?

Oh, erm... There's something I probably should have mentioned about Ben... *shifty eyes*

You see, his traits are kind of... rotten. It's part of what makes me heart him so much tbh- I just love my flawed Simmies. But yeah, he's bad to the bone ;)

*Hates the Outdoors
*Never Nude

Oh Ginger, I get the feeling that you're not going to have the easiest life.

So yeah, following the vote came the breakup, and Darko was chucked.

Side note- Ben was also in a relationship when he hooked up with Ginger, naughty boy. He soon dumped the wench though.

As a couple Ginger and Ben were pretty content. They spent a lot of their time skilling- Ginger played the guitar and gardened, whilst Ben worked out and, erm, danced in his pants.

Ah, but then it all went horribly, horribly wrong.

Y'see, since the Ambitions patch I've been having this problem where I can see my Sims sleeping upstairs when my view is set to ground floor. Well, not all Sims- it's just the Kitteh for some reason- but it's still very weird.

It's levitation Holmes!

I'll let myself out...

Ahem, what's more weird is the fact that some of them keep disappearing through the bathroom floor too O_O

Oh, and I had a point where whenever a Sim went downstairs they would become invisible.

I'm scared...

Uh-oh, that's not a happy face...

By this point, Ginger and Benji had been together for a good while and were about two-thirds of the way through Young Adulthood. Consequently it was time to get a little bit serious ;)

Come on Ben, smile... PLEASE?

Hmm, that's a bit better. Aww, who could say no to that cute kitteny face?

Oh penis.

Benjamin Beckman: body of fire, heart of ice.

Ickle bit of SP news:
  • Bitten your daughter is married! Evie's shacking up with the son of Gemini Skye.

Am working on getting Ginger uploaded by the by, but for some reason my launcher just isn't having it :(
I think the file size is too big, so she may just have to be uploaded to MediaFire instead.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Quad Core

A brand spanking new day in the now-Jessee house finds Wriggle Kitteh all moved out. Yes, Ginger has her own pad at last, though it's not completely finished and junk- the family is as poor as ever (mainly due to their own laziness).

And with the new place comes hot new men ;) On the left we have Zach made by Pringle, and on the right we have Miles made by Westie.

Oh Ginger you really are spoilt for choice...

Initial signs looked good when, barely a few hours after their first meeting, Zach hopped into bed with Ginger all of his own free will. Whore.

In between deciding what man to jump all over, Ginger paid a visit to my favourite little family- the Ugworths. I didn't manage to catch a glimpse of The Chin, I mean, Misery just yet, but here's Malice as a child.

And oh, in a marvelous break from tradition we have a burglar instead of the usual repowoman.

I think it's better... he's cuter for a start ;)

The following day I used the snazzyness of Super Computer to invite Mr Burglar round, my plan being to serve him up a fresh can of whoopass.

It didn't quite pan out...

Ah, I can hardly blame the Kitteh though- Ben here is a regular beefcake, especially after the addition of hair dye and the removal of clothes.

And besides, I loves Ginger so much and I just want to make her happy.
She's really the master of her own destiny atm, cause whatever she wishes I dishes.

Oh, I should probably mention though... Ginger kind of has a boyfriend already...

You may remember Darko here from the last update- he was Ginger's first kiss. Well, they became a couple when they were teens and I kind of forgot to break them up.

Matters got even more complex when Ginger invited Darko around to finally chuck him. The bloody girl only went and wished for a woohoo didn't she! Damn her...

And hey, sticking with the whole wish fufillment ness, the following morning Miles was invited round to the house for a bit of flirty action.

I gather by the look on Ben's face that he wasn't too happy about this...

And apparently neither was Zach...

Reject my girl will ya?! You'll pay for that...

Now... how would you like to be helpful?

You see, Ginger has four sexy prospective partners here, and in time she will eventually need to settle down. Problem is, I don't know which one to pick. Well, actually that's a lie- I know who I want- but I'm curious to see what you guys think.

So, give us your views ;)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Darn you compizzle...

Computer selection is harrrrrrrrrdddddddddd.

I've been fannying about back and forth looking at different computer websites for about three days now, and it's getting very tiresome. Y'see, the problem is that I asked my dad for advice. Me, I'm very impulsive- I'll just make a decision in the space of a few minutes and buy right there and then, but my dad likes to have a sit down and a think about it. Consequently, I've been subjected to reading tonnes of computer reviews, and it's melting my brain.

I want to crack on with this, I want my shiny new computer, and I know people are waiting for me to update all my stories and crap, but there's so many different computers to choose from it's insane. I've learnt more about processors and RAM and graphics cards in the past few days than I have in my whole life.

So yeah, computer is coming, updates are coming, it just takes time.
Such is life.

Winds of Change

Do you have a signature walk? You know how some people do- they have a swagger, a way of walking so that you know it’s them. Well, I do. I love to stroll along with a massive wind machine tacked to my arm and a small army of Vietnamese children by my side who spray me with hairspray; that way I can look all cool and swooshy all day, all the time.

Now, thanks to Newsea, I can recreate that look for my Simmies.

Isn't life grand?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Rexy's Photo Gallery: Check it

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Vote For...

Aye, over at The Mare's Nest it's a big olde voting frenzy as the Mares reward some of the most entertaining Simmers of the past six months with Simpoint shaped prizes (and a big kudos to them for being so generous).

I'm not going to demand that you vote for me; I can only assume you're all bright shiny homosapiens with your own thoughts and opinions, so of course you're going to vote for who you think should win regardless of what anyone says.
I just wanted to say though good luck to all the nominees.


Monday, 21 June 2010


Ahhhh, we haven't had a nice picture of Drew looking all smexified for a while now have we?

Well, enjoy ;)

Now from sexiness onto cuteness as we witness Drew bonding with his pregnant son-in-law Apollo, who FYI Drew gets on with much better than his own son.

Chaos hates his dad... probably cause of that whole cheating thing :/

And just as I was hoping, boy/girl joy. Ah, but what of the genetics- what do we have here?

I couldn't take the suspense (and the boring baby stage) any longer, so I aged them up immediately.

Oh, erm. Despite the cutey cute baby boy in the front, I was somehow distracted by THE MASSIVE CHIN in the background.

Poor girl.

Names-wise I kept it unusual for the Ugworth kids- Malice and Misery (Misery seemed appropriate, what with the huge face of doom and all).

By this point it was getting pretty crowded in the Valentine/Jessee/Ugworth household, so the Ugworth fam moved out. It's sad to see them go I know, but we'll keep in touch.

Elsewhere in the house, Envy was up to her usual tricks...

Hey, do you ever have it where Sims faces just freeze sometimes for no apparent reason? It seems to happen in my game a lot.

It chills me.

P.S.H.E. lesson for ya kids- slutty slutty hobag + risky woohoo = pregnancy.
Write that down.

I decided to shove Envy out of the house at this point- gotta let the girl live her own life.

Ah, but at least some of my Sims still remain all sweet and innocent- here's Ginger having her first kissage ^_^

It was just in time too, as soon Ginger aged into a Young Adult.

Look at the beauty! I consider this experiment an eventual success after all.

Oh but the fun isn't over- the breeding must go on, and that's where you guys come in.

I need a hottie for Ginger. I may resort to making one or scouring the exchange, but in the meantime if you have anyone suitable offer 'em up.

Look at the Wriggle Kitteh- you know you want her to be happy.

Give her a soulmate.