Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Me Wants The Dinosaur D:

Hmph, just another thing I'm denied until I can play Ambitions >: |

New dino makes Koonzilla look like a massive turd in comparison.

And on that subject- isn't that first bit of Koonzilla a rather racist word, at least it was back in the day?
Tut tut, EA.


  1. They have dinosaurs in Ambitions? :/

  2. I knew EA was racist. Tsk tks tsk.

    I want Koonzilla only 500x bigger. Then I want to ride it around town and make it eat the goth's and bunches'

  3. That would be beyond epic ^_^ I really may have to download those dinosaurs from Mod the Sims or whatev, even if they are only inanimate.

  4. The dinosaurs are awesome.

    Especially the TRex its like ARGH RAWR RAWR.

    Well, it's not. But I can imagine what I want. :(

  5. Instead of cats and dogs and what not in a pets EP, I say we ought to have mini dinosaurs instead.

  6. Makin Magic for the original Sims had an awesome pet dragon...except it kept trying to set the baby's crib on fire. O_O I think it was jealous...it'd be cool to have in the Sims 3 though.

  7. The dinosaur is pretty cool (: I like Ambitions!