Monday, 7 June 2010

A Day in the Life of Hotness

Okey, because I'm so oriented to the legacy way of life now I couldn't resist taking some pics of ma gameplay and showing you all.... besides, Drew is pretty XD

I started a new game, emptied the town of all the fugly bastards, and shoved in a bunch of Simselves and Sims I'd made. All the Mars guys are there, as well as some Escape to Riverviewians and Stanford Prison peeps.

I wanted to get Drew loved-up soonish as, well, I wanna see the cute kids he's bound to produce. Naturally I had to get a similarly gorgeous companion for him, so I turned to a certain sultry Simmie...
Of course things didn't get off to such a great start when she creeped him out instantly. Bloody insane Sims...

Ah Ava, you may be a mental snob, but at least you're pretty.

And creepy, did I say creepy yet?

In time though the two fine specimens began to hit it off.

And then Ava put on her hooker boots and jumped into bed with Drew unannounced...
Did I mention that she was creepy yet?

Ah, at least I got to try out that cute new kiss eventually : )

And then the Repowoman nicked all Drew's stuff.


Finally, some fun facts for you all.

As I have Twallan's glorious Story Progression mod in my game all sorts of wonderous things are happening to the townspeople, namely thus:
  • Wolfie is a gigolo. Seriously, a man hooker. So far he's serviced Bella Blue and Blaze FuryRed, to name but a few.
  • Dahlia Mars is the town tart, and RubytheFuzzled is the town loon.
  • Eden Mars and Marylena the Clockwork Doll GOT MARRIED AND ARE HAVING A BABY.
  • Luna Chase (random Sim I made- see FuryRed Sims) and Axel Weston are married.
  • Wolfie and Little Red Riding Hood got married, even though he's a manwhore!

And that's it for now, stay tuned folks.


  1. Sexy creepers are the way to go. The more mental someone is, the better they are in bed. xD

  2. Haha, I'll remember that rule for use in life :P

  3. Lol! Is that from personal experience Pentameter? xD

    Love the fact that Wolfie got with Little Red - thats awesome =D and Drew and Ava make a cute couple ^_^

  4. LOL I especially love the repowoman's sudden appearance! *falls off chair*

  5. Biter's staring into the window in one of the pics. Look closely.

  6. lol, repowoman nicked all drews stuff. BITCH!

  7. Wow I feel a bit stalkerish. And what teh hell am I doing in the gym? I DON'T DO EXERCISE. D:

  8. I think mebbe you were just there to perv on Drew ;D

  9. Yes, Randomspirit, I do speak from experience. xD

    And really looking back, it's a toss up as to whether or not the intense crazy was worth the insane bedroom romps.

  10. umm will u give me link 2 progression mod

  11. Hiya,

    I love your blog, very entertaining!