Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Oh So Shiny and New

Ahoy ahoy, fancy a lovely new FuryRed?

Now with less cartoony features ;)

Outfit by Sims 3 Inlimite
Bracelet by Club Crimsyn

Top by Evie
Shorts by Poppy Sims
Sluttier shorts from The Sims Resource

Dress by Liana Sims 3
Shoes by Parsimonious

Hair by Savio
Skin by Aikea Guinea: default, non-default
Eyeliner by Subaxi
Lipgloss by Kittehbomb

And hey, as a special bonus offer...

It's Captain FuryRed!

Ahoy matey, let's have you swab the decks you landlubbers!

Pirate hat from ModtheSims
Eyepatch ditto
Outfit by Stella Sims
Boots from The Sims Resource
Tights, ahhh I dunno

Anyone for a game of Shiver Me Timbers?

*wink wink*

New Fury: MediaFire, Sims3.com

Captain Fury: MediaFire, (is being mean and refusing to upload to TS3.com)


  1. aw man i wanted captian fury X(

  2. I love your new Simself! I think I'm going to have to download her and do some cheating to replace your old one in my household.

  3. she looks less cartoony, yes, but now she looks so much younger, like a teen! oh, and a bit like selena gomez. i am downloading her now!

  4. Ah the olde switcharoo eh? Y'see, this is why I'm glad we don't have memories in The Sims 3- it's easier to slot Sims in and out as you please ;)

    I guess she does look younger, in fact the first picture looks a bit scarily like one I have of me when I was seventeen...

  5. Awwwz. She's very pretty indeed. Time for a new banner?

  6. You simself is so cute, love the new skin.

  7. You're the first redhead I've heard of with straight hair. And you're pretty too! :)

  8. She/you is so cute! She does look loads more realistic than the other one. I just realized the other one was cartoony when you made this post... But great job making her! She is brillant! :D

  9. I love her shes cute,What eyes did you use for her?

  10. This has nothing to do with this post, but I wanted to be sure you saw it. Aikea Guinea posted a new Doctor Who collection. I knew you'd wanna know.


  11. Holy gravy, my pants were just literally scared OFF.

    We both remade our simselves at the exact same time.

    Get out of my head woman!!! Dx

  12. She's pretty . . . but I like your old FuryRed. And when are you going to post more of the doctor's adventures?


  13. Aaaw, look ^_^ she's got such a cute little baby face (in a nice way!)

    Is she going to be replacing your old one, in Stanford and Fury and The Doctor..?

    BTW, loved your response on MS3B about Aikea's Doctor Who stuff XD i scared my cat from laughing so much, Lol! X

  14. Wow! You really did a great job. Not only are fantastic at making sims, but you are an amazing writer. You also have a great (slightly twisted) sense of humor.
    Now that i have buttered you up, i have a request for a sim (i don't know if you do that, but...) OK, my request is... A SIDNEY CROSBY SIM!!! Sid is a super hot very talented hockey player. If you actually do decide to make him, there are tons of pictures of him on google. Thanks.
    PS. I don't know if you watched the olympics, but Sidney scored the gold medal winning goal for Canada!

  15. New Fury shall indeed be replacing the olde one. I was beginning to really dislike the olde one :/

    And hey, people always seem to think I'm younger than I am so I guess this Fury's better :)

    @Misty: I haff plans for Fury and The Doctor very soon.

    @Anon: Okeh so I didn't know who Sidney Crosby was so I googled... and then drooled all over my computer screen. Hotness! I don't really do requests, but the next time I decide to make a hottie hot male Sim I shall look to him for inspiration ;)

  16. OMG PIRATE FURY!?!?! My fantasies shall now come true.

  17. She looks so prettyful. I am going to haves some downloading to do.