Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Vote For...

Aye, over at The Mare's Nest it's a big olde voting frenzy as the Mares reward some of the most entertaining Simmers of the past six months with Simpoint shaped prizes (and a big kudos to them for being so generous).

I'm not going to demand that you vote for me; I can only assume you're all bright shiny homosapiens with your own thoughts and opinions, so of course you're going to vote for who you think should win regardless of what anyone says.
I just wanted to say though good luck to all the nominees.



  1. I'm in a catergory. Ahh crap! No one vote for me please. thanks. Fury, I did vote for you, twice I think. You deserve it.

    Good luck to everyone mentioned!

  2. i voted for u. may the best simmer win!

  3. We all know who is gonna win that second one ;) I mean come ON =D *cough*evenifyouareagainstmeandvid*cough* Hehe.

    Good luck all! Random has had immense fun looking at "The Best Quotes" one =D

  4. i voted for you on many occasions :P i love your best quote! Rofl!

  5. just voted 4 u! XD