Saturday, 19 June 2010

Sneaky Sneak Preview

Sadly the sound was lost, which is an uber shame cause the screaming of Chaos and Drew was mega funneh ^_^

Mebbe when I get ma shiny new computer I'll fiddle with Sims videos more.


  1. Bah haha! Can't wait to see the spawns!

  2. He is, oh he is ;)

    I really wish I knew how to upload the vid and retain the sound- advice anyone?

    It's worth hearing- Drew just kept screaming ZEEMA DO! at the top of his lungs XD

  3. In options, there is a checkbox to capture sims 3 audio. Check it, take the video, and you're good to go.

  4. It sounds funny to hear a manly guy like Drew scream xD And the two guys were panicing while Apollo just stood there, then when they calmed down and bit, APOLLO STARTED SCREAMING?! I cant wait to see 'em. I wish them luck xD

  5. Your yt account is "sinister thorn"?