Monday, 14 June 2010

Ginger Snaps

Another beautiful day in the Valentine/Meridian household as Drew and Ava finally end their relationship.

Sorry folks but it had to happen- Drew's been a naughty boy cheating all over the shop and Ava, well, she's just kind of a vacant one-sided shallow sort of gal... It would be a stretch to say that she deserves better.

Fear not though, after Ava moved out the kid here moved in.

She be the lovechild of Drew and Amber's fiery hot gingernut sex.
I named her Ginger- it seemed appropriate what with my love of being Captain Obvious and all.

Ginger didn't exactly fit into the household dynamic too well I'm afraid to say; Envy's kind of mean and Chaos is kind of quiet, so the girl didn't get a whole lotta lovin' to begin with.

Before long the twins got all YA-shaped.

Chaos became a fineish young man in fishy boxers, all cute and junk except for one honking obscenity... The nose has formed an army and it's taken over his face. France and Poland have been occupied; I fear for the rest of the world.

Envy on the other hand transformed into a neon slutbomb from sextown.
I wasn't surprised.

Naturally as any self-respecting hobag would do, Envy soon whipped her tats out and jumped on the first body she could find.

I don't think Marco minds too much.

Oh, and the repoman showed up A-FUCKING-GAIN. Although, the fact that it was a dude rather than a lady this time was maybe a nice change.

A nice pretty picture of a birthday in the Valentine/Meridian/Jessee household...

And here's Ginger as a teen- my very own Wriggle Kitteh.

She's seriously cute though, thank fuck after all the fallout from Ava's genes (sorry Chaos and Envy- LY really).

She even sings in the shower, bless her little ginger face.

Oh oh oh and looky what we have here- a certain BittenAngel offspring...

Evelyn Gallifrey, teehee.

Look Wriggle Kitteh, a shiny new best bud just for you!

Just try not to touch her up, yeh.

Other news from the town:
  • RubytheFuzzled and Nathan Phillips be in a relationship.
  • Freya FuryRed had that olde guy Miles's baby, ick.
  • Wolfie's still whoring it around town (with his silky smooth penis) and recently he escorted none other than Ava Meridian.

That be all!


  1. My Marco?!! >=[ Random is not amused >_>
    But Ginger and Evelyn are cute :)
    Does Envy always walk around topless...? Strange girl O_O

  2. I love how Envy doesn't have a shirt on or bra when celebrating the birthday. And Ginger is really pretty as a teen! :)

  3. Hey Fury(:
    I was just wondering if I could use Drew as a legacy founder.
    I'm lacking in the making-hot-sexy-male-sims department(:

  4. Ahhh firecroth love worked out; nice genes. Ginger is pretty epic very cute. I really hope she corrupts Evelyn.

  5. You ever seen that show "According to Ginger"?
    Idk why, but that show popped in my head when I saw yer gingers.

    She has gorge genes though. And Bitten's kid is a beaut. xD

  6. Ah! My Marko you mean Random >:{ Oh but I love the pantie-shorts envy's wearing..where may i find them?

    Ginger and Evelyn look like they'll be best friends forever. Very cute.

  7. Tis Fury Burday? Happy Birthday!

  8. @sophiamazinggg: Yeah feel free to use Drew for whatever you liek :)

    Envy does have a tendency to wander around topless... dirty girl.

    Her shorts are from TSR- they're called Daisy Duke Xtreme shorts or summat like that ;)

  9. @Chi: Nuuuhh, my Marko =P
    You created him, i stalk him xD

    HAPPY BIRFDAE FURY! Yoo getting old nao, Bahaha *gives balloon* :B

  10. Your game likes nudity.

    Happy Birthday!

  11. happy birthday :D and ermm u have naughty simmies lol, what is with em walking round with well ya know out....lollz