Monday, 7 June 2010


What's that, you think I'm using sexy-sexy-Simtime as a way to lure young innocents into reading my blog?


Drew is one fine man. Drew is a hunk. Drew makes sausages cook just by looking at them.

Drew fails at life.

Yes yes, these be pics of my gameplay once again. With my Prison schism on hold due to stoopidness I figured I might as well give you something, and what better than updates on the loverly Drew and Ava?

So, they're a couple and all now, and are living together.

I wouldn't exactly say that Drew is Ava's one true love- that would be her mirror. As she's a snob she just kind of wants to schlep around the house all day looking marvelous, so it's left up to Drew to support his princess.

Drew does manly things, grr.

Drew works his muscles, grr.

Ava voms on the pavement at night whilst wearing a formal dress, urgh.

Shortly after, Ava popped out a baby bump and modeled the latest Slutwear for Hot Mommies.

As the sprog began to set up residence, Zephyr Mars came round to determine the sex.


Normally when I make Sims I get bored of them after a bit as I think of things I could have done better, but Drew is just perfection in my eyes.

And YEY, my first boy/girl twins!

Chaos and Envy, welcome.

Other news from Story Progression:
  • Wolfie is still manwhoring it up, and recently he's serviced Harlow Mars and Sapphire Skye.
  • Consequently, Wolfie and Little Red 'sadly' broke up. Afterwards I was informed that Red had moved to a new home, and Wolfie was apparently seen camped outside, stalking her.
  • Randomspirit, the lucky devil, has been spotted cosying up to Zachary Stone.
  • Dahlia Mars, the town tart, enlisted the help of Bronx Mars to seduce her competitor- town bike Poppy Reynolds.
  • Urgh get this, Freya FuryRed is in a relationship with Miles Wilson- the old guy Dahlia married in gen5. of the legacy! Cripes....
  • And a final shocker- BittenAngel (how I hate you right now) is loved up and living with The Doctor- MY Doctor! BITCH.



  1. Oh I am one smooth talker and doctor stealer. ;]


  2. If you two have kids I may kill you.

  3. Oh dear. |:

    I fear for my sim's life. :P But what about if we have cute kids. :(

  4. Pahaha, Bitten thats priceless xD

    Ohh, Zachery, eh? I could definately get used to that =D

  5. That first picture perfectly captures the hotness of Drew.

    I always feel like such a perv for having the no mosaic cheats. My boyfriend wants to know why it's so important I see them nekkid.

  6. OMG OMG OMG! I never considered Drew a hottie and wondered what everyone saw in him but now I see! ;) (mine mine!)

  7. You know I used to try and justify my no-mosaic-ness- oh it's for story purposes or whatev. Now though it's just cold, hard honesty... We're all a little bit pervy ;)

  8. But but...there isn't anything there. X_X

  9. Well, not unless you're Cele with her 'attachments' :P

  10. lol poor bitten. Cele has attachments, naughty girl ;)

  11. Man, Drew looks even better when he's unclogging the toliet ;)

  12. i cant belive your great-granddauter hooked up with a elder :(

  13. Ooo I need to like download drew into my game and make my sim self marry him >.> hehe lol.
    and what is the link to that story progression and i have no mosaic and theres nank there anyway so its ermm weird lol :L .

  14. oh and about the doctor thing its not like furyred has been around for a while so maybe getting doctor and furyred a bit more in an another adventure together may just make doctor leave bitte :D mwaahahah

  15. Here be the link for Story Progression, and the joy of Super Computer XD

    Remember to download the correct version for your patch :)

  16. The comments are almost as funny as the blog post itself. xD

    Drew is total hot-ness. I could out hoe that hoe in a heartbeat!

  17. fanks fury, ya know you got mini storys tht u puttin up ere like this and adventures of doctor and furyred, you should make a seperate blog and call it FuryRed's One mintue Bordem because thats how long they last really lol :D