Sunday, 6 June 2010

Badge Smadge

I wasn't exactly all woo-jazzhands-with-knobs-on-top when we got these badge things in the first place, but they seemed kind of neat. I'm proud of My Studio, I've pleased about the number of recs that I've received, so having something to show for it was kind of nifty. Well, until now.

Thanks to the sheer stupidity of the people running, a bunch of users now have the badges who haven't actually unlocked them, and it's pissing on things a little bit. Most aren't even using them which is their choice really, but I've decided I'm removing mine. What's the point if it doesn't even mean anything anymore? I'm still waiting on my Featured badge too, but I guess that doesn't matter now either. Hmph!

Anyways, other stuffs. My prison game is kind of on hold atm due to sad unforeseen circumstances : ( Ever since the patch my household of eleven isn't working quite right. When it loads the thumbnails are blank- meaning I can't select anyone. I tried to evict the household but the game just got stuck on processing, foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Yes, it's all tits up right now and I'm not sure how to fix it!
Well actually I do have one last trick up my sleeve... of course it does involve Total Annihilation. Urgh, either way getting it sorted is all going to be sehr time consuming : /

I should probably get on with Escape to Riverview in the meantime, but I'm planning to leave it until I get my new computer. Also, I kind of can't be arsed with Simming atm...
Shock-horror, I knows, but I'm kind of enjoying doing real-life stuffs instead. I don't have a whole lot of freetime atm due to work, so it's kind of nice spending it with people who actually exist : P

In other news, Ambitions has arrived : O
Can't play it yet though, as you know. Ah, what to do what to do...

I know! I'll play with my hot-hottie-hotness that is Drew!

It's kind of nice to just play my game again for funs : D

Now, to find the boy a wife...


  1. I'll volunteer for the wife position. :P Drew is one hot sim.

  2. That he is, that he is ;)

    I've found him the perfect wife now though- well, I think they'd make an uber hot couple anyways.
    I'll try to post some pics at some point :D

    In the meantime you can always download him to give your Simself a treat :P

  3. I don't actually have a Simself anymore. It got culled when they first started all that nonsense. This might be the perfect excuse to make a new one.

    Drew is already in one of my games. I was mean to him though and gave him an ugly wife. I wanted to see which genetics would win when they have children. Unfortunately, I have to wait to play that save until Awesome Mod is totally updated. I can't risk playing an old save and having it borked.

    Can't wait to see your pictures of Drew and Wife. I'm sure they'll be great. You have excellent taste in Sim husbands and wives.

  4. Aww, how could you do that to my Drew! D:

    Right, when you make a new Simself I'm thieving her and doing mean things >: D You're not the only one who can create fugly Sims!

  5. Yeah that ticked me off when I got all three rec badges, and I only had 30 recs at the time. I was like WTF?!

    Now, I'm at 63 recs, but still not using the badges, and refuse to use 100 until I actually HIT 100. I also sent an email to EA support, asking them to remove them from my page if possible.

  6. Mmm, I got this badge saying that I had passed the landmark of 100 recs when I only have 97. I then thought it was just a mistake that it meant downloads cause I have more than 2.000 of those (yea I know, and only 97 recs! greedy fucking people). Even so, only a 100 recs? Not much of a compliment.

  7. i was pretty annoyed when i got all three rec badges.. i hadn't even gotten 100recs... i have 102 now so i guess i don't care about the 100rec badge, but the other two.. i didn't earn.. so i hid them. i'm getting tired of all the messups on the sims 3 website... -_-

  8. i only have 130 recs and i have all 3 :p stupid sim people and their mistakes... i got all pumped thinking i mysteriously and magically got 1000 recs overnight...they spoiled my fun :p

  9. I plan on using them responsibly. Maybe. It's such a hassle to put them on, I keep forgetting how to do it. =P

  10. I know! I somehow got all 3 recs badges when I had- wait for it-13 recs. Also I got 2 featured badges beacause they featered 2 quickly done sims I made.