Friday, 5 March 2010

Tanzen Mein Liebe!

Oh my godfathers, the fricking forum is still down! What the heck am I gonna do- how will I fill my blog with sarcastic observations and thinly veiled contempt now?

Doctor Doctor I need your help. The EA forum is down, and I'm stuck here on suicide watch for Jimminy Billy-Bob. I'm so bored, what are we going to do?

Why don't we have a party? You have that new Hadouken album- we can put that on, get dressed up, and dance around a bit.

That's actually a pretty good idea, but my launcher's broken so I can't download any of our friends and invite them over. I'm afraid it's just you, me, and that stupid robot.

Well that doesn't matter Fury. We can still get our fancy dress on and dance the night away right? Just you and me.

Okay okay Doctor you've persuaded me, just make sure you wear something suitably sexy...

Alright I'm here, and I'm a zombie bride. Where's the party?

Oh my god Doctor, what are you wearing?

What, don't you like it?

Erm, it's lovely. Yeah, I really like it...

Don't laugh don't laugh...


Fury... You can never just say I look nice can you?

Okay, I'm sorry Doctor- you look really cool. Honestly... Yeah.

Alright I forgive you. Now, let's party like it's 1999!

Er, I was only eleven then...

My god, I feel so pervy.

Ah fuck it, let's dance bitch!

Shouldn't we ask Jimminy Billy-Bob to join us Fury?

Nah nah, he's fine.

Bleep bleep, I'm too pretty for this shit, bleep bleep.

Ah Doctor that was great fun, thanks for a wonderful evening.

No problem Fury, I'm just glad you enjoyed yourself. Now, time for a little more enjoyment...


Later That Night

Bleep bleep, you sleep FuryRed, you sleep alright. But I'll get you- you and your little dog too. Bleep bleep.

If you fancy making your own zombie bride FuryRed and avatar Doctor, download the zombie kit here and the avatar stripes here.
Sexy Sims not included.


  1. You do some weird shit when you're bored, mate XD
    but I loves it! =P

  2. Lol, this is what happens when my forums are taken away from me : p

    Imma have to go to bed early now and everyfink.

  3. Oh wow, that just cheered me up! :D Between this and the new legacy chapter you posted, I'm totally in heaven right now...I feel kinda dorky though! XD

  4. lolz i love it! bleep bleep

  5. Loved it Fury! Ooh, Jimminy-Billy-Bob (I think that's the Servo's name?) has to now be on killer watch as well as suicide watch, he's twisted. XD

  6. I loves your random crazy stories with you and the Doctor. ^.^" I don't know why, but I find it really amusing and fun to read. @.@"

  7. FuryRed......i think your now officially my mentor now.YAY!! :) (creepy smile= 8)...)

  8. ha ha awesome jiminy billy bob should become a assain

  9. Oh Mai God! xD
    I had to stuff my mouth with a sock to stop laughing so hard!!!
    The things you and the docter get up to ;)

  10. Wow, Doctor is actually hot! (Not in this specifficly, generally).

  11. Rofl
    Robot with a wizard of oz cap at the end, win xD


  12. Ahahahahah thats awsome random question r u obbssed witht the doctor lol ;)

  13. German? Are you conversational or do you only know a little of it?
    :) - Laura

  14. Haha, great costumes!

    Wonder what Jimminy Billy-Bob is going to do to Fury?