Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A hug for RepulsiveDesire1

We all know the forums are somewhat shitty atm. I could go into the bannings and the cullings and that, but currently it's the people there that concern me most.

We've always had trolls and shitbags but recent events seem to have the issues escalating, with every thread turning into a pathetic game of oneupmanship.

Take this topic from today for example:

Pretty standard stuff right- Simmers expressing their discontent as well they should.
What really bothered me though was the following...

Really? Really?
Adding a little smiley at the end doesn't make this any less of a unnecessary and cruel remark.

I feel bad for RepulsiveDesire at the moment; only yesterday did she get berated in her own thread for *horror of horrors* calling it 'WCIF?'

Duh, wot duz dat mean?

The thread in question related to RD trying to locate some specific items of CC, so she simply titled it 'WCIF?' Now, as far as I'm concerned, the people most likely to assist in locating said (somewhat hard-to-find) CC are avid custom content hoarders such as myself; the sort of people who spend a lot of time on CC websites such as Sims Cave and Garden of Shadows; the sort of people who would know exactly what 'WCIF?' means.

LittleV had no real reason to reproach RD like that, and I strongly suspect that changing the thread title for the good of all Simskind was not the real goal here.

Following these catty comments the retorts went back and forth for a bit; RepulsiveDesire not being the type of gal to back down easily.

After this though she didn't bother replying, which seems wise. Maybe RD is a bit tetchy at the moment, but doesn't she have every right to be? This petty shit is just the kind of nasty and narcissistic crap that is rife on the forums at present. Call me paranoid, but it doesn't it just seem like so many harmless Simmers are getting banned whilst vindictive others are allowed to practice as much douchbaggery as they please?

Gah, I could go on- I can't be arsed. A bit of ranting and raving is all well and good now and again, but frankly I find it depressing and I am loathe to do so.

Forget about the hows and the whys and all that other shit. Here's a hug for RepulsiveDesire1; she may well need it.


Oh, and that first thread- EA's response? They just moved it from General Discussion to Ideas and Feedback.

Hey SimGurus here's an idea for you- why don't you take your forum, and shovel it.


  1. Just what the forum needs - two more little shits >_>

    Poor RD :( Its all a load of a crock!! I'm so glad our gal is a tough one ;) X

  2. >.< This is why I dislike most people over there -.- rule-aiding is no fun. Unless it's the law... Yar. I'm going to take a chunk of my lettuce, and slap stoopid people in the face with it. Poor RD ): this make me sad to see more people be rude to her, saying that *she* is rude D:< . Poke them all in the face.

  3. Yeah, she's a tough cookie. *pats RD on the back*

  4. aw poor RD! she is so picked on over there. im suprised she is still putting up with the shit. people are so inconsiderate and rude!

  5. She is what we hur in Amurica call a "Bitch". :] Not so rare, but still a pain in the ass if path is crossed the wrong way.

  6. That's really sweet of you Fury :D