Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Stars and Lack of Same

As of now (23/03/2010, 00:25 UK time) there are 3615490 members of theSims3.com.

Of these 3615490 members, only 1691 have been featured.

I wouldn't like to guesstimate exactly how many of said featured members have actually earned their kudos.

But who am I to say who's worthy and who isn't? It's not my choice, and I'm a bit of a dick for suggesting otherwise, but we're all entitled to our opinions. Howevers, it just vexes me somewhat.

There are members out there, members like fidlerten- builder of stunning and well-thought-out houses, members like Aoxa- writer of the most enduringly popular Sims3 legacy of all time, members like suicidespat- creator of unique and wonderfully weird Sims; surely these people deserve some sort of recognition for their work?

It's sad to say, but you're more likely to get featured for a recolour of some WA kit than something you've put your heart and soul into. Because you see TS3.com has been, and always will be, an exercise in money making- a tool for advertisement. That's why, as soon as a new SP or EP comes out, all of a sudden the home page is filled with featured items from that release.

It's kind of gutting, the feature system. Of course, I'm not reputing my own featured status- I've been featured twice now and, as far as I'm concerned, I earned it. But it's not my place to say who deserves it and who doesn't, only to hope that some of the amazing creators out there will soon be rewarded for their efforts.

For now we'll just have to keep recommending and believe that, eventually, someone out there will take notice.

Here's hoping : )


  1. It kind of annoys me, that most things with CC don't get featured - but what are ya gonna do *shrugs* Its EA: Master dream-squashers =P Lol!

  2. I know I'll never get featured because I rarely ever upload anything, I always use lots of CC, and my uploads aren't all feature-worthy anyway.

    But you bring up a lot of good points, Fury. People always used to question the Feature system on the TS2 site too, and it seemed to ALWAYS cause problems...

  3. furyred, i agree ! there are TOO many good people out there who should be featured, but with EA being blind n' all, i doubt they'll ever notice. i always check the featured list, but its always the same, a dress, which has had the colour changed slightly O_o . do you know if they feature stuff manually? or do they just pick out random stuff that applys to their rules (like no cc ect.) ??

  4. I think there's some gurus or mods or whatev responsible for finding stuff to feature.

    Oh, and although they do tend to shun the glorious CC, occasionally they will feature items with it. My first feature- a household- had CC on them. They were based on Sims2 characters though, so again promoting their game franchise in general :|

    But yeah, featureness is possible with custom content included- just so everyone knows ; )

  5. well said! I'm glad to have found this blog, great job with escape to Rivervieuw!

  6. I agree, most definitely. You've only been featured once, correct? And it was a story, which is quite easy to get featured, because EA doesn't care what you write, just that you take pictures of everything you can do in the Sims 3. After all, there are STILL people buying the game. I checked yesterday(March 23) and found that there were about 50 new members . . . that's quite a few.
    Anyways, back to the subject. I agree. The really awesome stories should be featured, not 'OMGIM2PHAT: Now in Text Lingo!', which hopefully does not exist, or 'TRYING TOO HAVE A BABY???', which unfortunately DOES exist on the story boards, and has been read, like, 8,000 times. Ew. If you are interested in having a child, please consider adopting one from your local orphanage. It's for the children!
    -Luluminitutu (on TS3)

  7. Err . . . okay, you've been featured more than I thought.
    -lulu o_o

  8. :)Woah! You said my name XD

  9. PS: You are an amazing writer, creator and I love your ghost tutorial. It honours me that you think I am that well known... especially since I left the official simming community.

    Thank you so much :)

  10. Believe me, Aoxa, you're well known. I've looked you up through the Members category on TS3, and there were about five pages of "I'm OBSESSED with Aoxa's The Smith Legacy" before I actually found your name.

  11. this is a good exsamle

  12. You forgot to mention Ayuko, creator of beautiful and versetile (to be used however you like) sims and major custom content distributor! Ha ha! Lol, yeah, it is kinda unfair if that's what happens. I hadn't realized the amount of dirt that lays in that site. If you're more likely to get featured for recolouring a premade object, I might as well do so! I find it weird that in the exchange you can't upload CC, I tried. I really wish I could make custom content, cause really, anyone can. The program wouldn't work. Damn it!