Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Meaning Behind The Mares

I've been doing some speculation; wild at best...

Most of us probably became aware of The Mare's Nest on one day in particular- the day when Netherlia stumbled across the blog (most likely during some sort of ego-search) and posted a thread about it. Since then, speculation has been rife as to the identities of the blog's writers, but so far we can only assume this much:
-They're British
-There's three of them
-At least one of them is female
-One is a Create-A-World junkie

Other than that they're pretty much a mystery. It's kind of good in a way; I think if we knew who they were it would ruin the mystique a little, but that doesn't stop us wondering...

The main thing I wonder about is the why of it. It's plain to see that a hella lot of effort goes in to writing the blog- the amount of investigation that went into the Netherlia Fake Death article says as much- but why do it? I mean, I spend a reasonable amount of time on my own blogs, but nowhere near as much as they clearly do. Skeptics would say that they're being paid, but by whom?
Maybe it's really pretty simple; maybe the motivations are no more alien than our own. We all spend so much time making Sims/houses/stories and, although the recognition is lovely, the real reason behind it all has to be personal enjoyment.

Opinion on the Mare is pretty much polarised, with Simmers either singing their praises or proclaiming them to be the devil. I don't think it's really that clear-cut at all. It's very much like a tabloid newspaper, and as much as you enjoy a publication you should never agree with everything they say just because they said it. But you knew that already right ; )

But anyways, let's get to the point of this post in the first place; my wild speculations...

Eh, why speculate when you can fantasize instead?

Eghads, there's been an outbreak of douchebaggery on the forums! We must spread the word and shame the shitbags!

Damn right we should. Trio, it's time for action. To the Maremobile!

Na-na na-na na-na na-na Mare's Nest!

If this is in any way accurate I'll be so happy...
Feel free to share your own guesstimates on the Mare's, though we'll probably all be completely wrong >_<


  1. I'll have to speculate on that more after I eat lunch, but I do know that I learned the term "bum-nugget" from them, and for that I'm TRULY grateful... ^_^

    ...I bet they'll mention your post too, Fury!

  2. Ya know thats the second thing i've read, in the past 5 minutes, that has made me spit lemonade everywhere >_> You and Zeri are in kahootz aren't you? xD

    But, Oh God, I'm never gonna see the Mares the same way again, after this xD

  3. I dunno Random, you get a nice shiny new computer only to spit beverages all over it. For shame!


  4. ...that made no sense to me whatsoever, but I laughed my head off anyway.

  5. im rating this what am you on because is so fuckin hilarious! XD