Friday, 12 March 2010

Who Cuts Peggy's Hair?

Boy did I have a shock todae. There I was doing my daily scan of MSB3 when what should I come across but this wonder. It's a hair... by Peggy! I know right- she of the mental dos actually created a nice haircut.
I was so chuffed by this I couldn't wait to see if it was up on Sims Cave yet, but then I saw something disturbing...

Okay I gotta ask- who the hell cuts Peggy's hair? What is that all about- why take a perfectly nice hair and hack into the back of it like a madman?

It really makes me wonder what Peggy's hair is like in real life, cause if it's anything like these disasters then something is seriously wrong...

Hi I'm Windswept Peggy. It's a 30mph wind out there so remember to bring your extra-strong hairspray so you can look just like me!

Hi I'm Fusili Pasta Peggy. My hair is good enough to eat.

Hi I'm Jailbait Peggy.

Hi I'm Bad-Attempt-At-Scene-Hair Peggy, and this is my boyfriend Bad-Attempt-At-Scene-Hair Bob.

Hi I'm La Roux.

Hi I'm Unfortunate-Hair-Tumor Peggy.

Hi I'm Cuts-My-Hair-With-A-Sieve Peggy.

Hi I'm Explosion-In-A-Star-Wars-Factory Peggy. I have no excuse.

Styles like this in the world are the reason why I cut my own hair.


  1. i thought the same thing with la roux hair! she has some weird ones alright. the first one is so pretty but the back is just wow! lol

  2. lol that's wild Fury! I just want one BOWL of whatever Peggy's smoking...just one measly hit...xD (wonder if your post will make it on TMN?)

  3. Last Thursday, I learned that laughter isn't the best medicine. My Drama-AXS teacher was walking around like a chicken, and I laughed so hard I upchucked.

    Thanks to you, Fury, it nearly happened again. >.<"

  4. XD gotta agree with Cel - we so need to find out who Peggy's dealer is, Lol!

    I was laughing so much my Dad came dowstairs and told me off for waking him up. Woops, hehe. =D

  5. lol! thats why i dont download most of peggys hair. ROFL

  6. I think the worst is the unfourtunate hair tumour hair. Peggy's hair must be a real disaster! :D

  7. I'm laughing... Can't breathe... HELP ME!

  8. LOL


  9. LOL! La roux...

  10. AGHHH!!! Bahahwhhwhwhhahah!!! ahh. I lurve your captions Fury. Always makes my day. :-)

  11. Peggy makes weird hairstyles... but majority of the time she/he makes nice hairstyles. Yes, you all can hate on me because i like Peggy, and i'm sorry but i hate to say this:
    Peggy makes nicer CC hair than Newsea.