Monday, 29 March 2010

So's Your Face

Some pretty self-explanatory pictures that occurred whilst I was playing my legacy game todae.

I really don't know what the hell Blaze is doing....
After this classic facial expression she followed it up with another:

Jeasus, why are all my legacy Sims such beautiful weirdos?

Also an N.B: I don't reckon I'll be around much over the next few days as am uber busy. I know there are a lot of people on my blogs and forums threads asking me things, and I'm not ignoring you- I just don't have time to answer properly.

I have really little freetime atm, and the bit I do have is being spent trying to get my legacy sorted so I can put out a new chapter on Fridae. It's turning into a extreme pain in my arse especially as a bunch of the Sims just died in a fire...
But you'll have to wait til the next chapter to see who expired.
I know, I'm a tease.

So yeah. I'm feeling somewhat tightly wound at present.
Please excuse my absence.


  1. Aww, Red's a busy little bee. *hugs* Buzz, buzz, buzz =D Lol!

  2. Oh my God!! They died!!! Okay girls, let's place some bets, I'm puttin' five quid on Indiana!

  3. Virtual quid, mind you.

  4. Should I give odds for who it is? : p

  5. where is the 'Maddened by Cliffhanger' button when i need it...O_O ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME!!!!!cus i think i just died a little *act like a sim dieing* GOOD BYE WORLD...oh ya and the "odds" thing would be nice :D

  6. no no ! i love all of that household to much for them to die !! what happened to the fire men ?? D:

  7. Okey my odds are thus:

    Indie: 2/1
    Mitch: 2/1
    Blaze: 8/1
    Bronx: 7/1
    Random outsider: 5/1

    Place your bets ; )

  8. Random outsider? WHAT is that supost to mean AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW no i think i will try to died AFTER friday...
    oh ya my votes
    ...uuuuuu can i just vote for 'all of the abouv'...oh NoT that i want everbody to die cus nonono NO i DONT want everbody to die BUT if i vote for everbody then im never rong :D
    ok i vote for Indie/Mitch/Random outsider...cus you said "bunch of the Sims" so i vote for MORE then one!! :D ha i can be smarty!!;)

  9. Mmmm, smarties xD
    That smarty sentence was asking for a lame joke =P and I was the lamo that caved, Lol!

  10. lol not reaaly what i was trying to do...but it made me giggle

  11. I know so far that its Mitch because theres 3 girls Blaze, Indie and Ciara. Then theres Bronx. So its probally Mitch and the firemen or random outsider. ^_^