Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Simmers of the Revolution

Bannings, cullings, shitheads- the EA forum is not a fun place to be atm. You can't step one foot into forum territory without coming across a preaching know-it-all or sycophantic psycho. But let's not dwell on the crap, cause you know what makes me happy? Blogs.

Perhaps a symptom of the rising distaste for how the website is run, more and more Simmers out there are turning to blogs as a way to express themselves- and express themselves they do. Free from the always-watching EA Gestapo and their soldiers, in blog-form everyone seems so much more real and honest.

It's a sad state of affairs in a way that people are having to leave the forums just to fully enjoy being part of the Sims community, but is there really another choice? Even if you choose to brave the madness and misanthropy, you may well end up getting banned anyway. Like I said- the Gestapo are always watching, and beware for Simmers in disguise- they may just rat you out for kicks.

Eh, you don't need me to tell you how craptastic currently is- you've been there.

But yeah- blogs. I've stumbled across about twenty thus far, and I'm sure there'll be many many more in the months to come. I for one am very pleased about that prospect.

So hello to all the Sims bloggers out there- I heart you.

My my, this post has gone awfully Nazi-themed. Is it at all obvious that I've just been watching Inglorious Basterds? : p

P.s.- does anyone know where I can get this tattoo? I used to have it through downloading from the exchange, so I don't know where it's originally from. Cheers ears ^_^


  1. I <3 u too furyred! love your blog. i hope mines becomes as good as yours. :-/

  2. Your posts on here always make me laugh XD So calm with big fancy words, and yet they're full of swears =P


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  4. Why cant you edit comments? What I meant to say was...

    <3 you too Fury!
    Have to agree with Random, *tips hat in acknowledgement of your fine English wit!

  5. Ah, the lack of comment editation drives many a perfectionist insane. This is why I proof-read ; )

    Yes I know editation isn't a word, but it should be! ^_^

  6. After working since 5am even my proof reading is made of fail, definitely need some editation =P

  7. Awesome movie. :]

  8. I'm glad I don't go on the site now! Y' know, I can't even REGISTER my game because the code is invalid. Of course it IS valid because I checked it for typeos. Grr, I think EA actually enjoy reading stuff like this, why else would they torment us like this?

  9. I gave up on that site. A blog is much easier to handle.