Saturday, 23 January 2010

THE BAD STUFF- CC That Will Fudge Up Your Game

Through downloading from the exchange you can get a whole mess of free stuff, which is always nice. Howevers, sometimes THE BAD STUFF can also end up in your game. No one wants that.
So, if you ever see any deformed toddlers, naked Sims, or men with boobs wandering around your neighbourhood, look out for these things-

Metallica Magnets logo t-shirt
night time and day time everyday shoes
toddler_tee (with 'milk' written on it)
collectionblondes (has a picture of a woman with a black bikini top and bottom)
And this:

If you go into the installed content section of your launcher and see any of those items in the list, run for your life! Or alternatively just uninstall them and everyfink should be grand again. But maybe you like your game with a bit of spice in it? In which case, by all means keep the freakz.


  1. i hate wen that hapens

  2. Thank You Thank You Thank You!! iv ben trying to get that one shirt out like forever but i didnt know what one it you!!

  3. Excellent, glad I could help : )

  4. Thank you so much!! I had been rackin my brain trying to figure out what that horrible t-shirt baby deforming thing was. <3

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

  5. OMG Thanks ! been trying forever to get rid of that boot thing

  6. I have the crazy shirt, some naked bottom, and those boots, but none are listed on the launcher???

  7. Fury can you please help me out here? Whenever I go into CAS my toddlers look like the 2nd picture you have ur there ^^, however, I've checked my game and I have none of the stuff listed up there, in my game! Is there anything else I have to look for?

  8. I love there just standing there looking like a bunch of idiots. i <3 men with boobs

  9. Thank you! I didn't know you could get rid of those.

  10. Thank you!!! I had no idea what was stuffing my game up till now!