Friday, 29 January 2010

Well Aren't You A Moron?

The forums are a weird place... Most of the time people are cool; friendly even, yet there's always one fuckwit who's MO seems to be to piss people off.
The king of such things is definitely NikoBelic999, a guy who seems to be permanently in the grips of one tantrum or another. Most recently he started a thread called 'Chat Club *Only for people who are not jerks*'. Now I know what you're thinking- oh the ironing...
His definition of 'jerks' include suicidespat, Zeri, vidkid20, and anyone who likes the Mare's Nest. Hmm, NikoBelic or that trio... I think we all know who the nice people are.
And of course, where there's a thread about TMN, there's Jarsie9-

What a dickhead.

And so I shall leave you with the words of the lovely Darkslayer-

Oh Darkslayer how I love thee- always saying what I'm thinking.


  1. What the hell? how is The Mares Nest "off topic" - How in the world did i miss this thread!? O_O

    Most of the "disliked" people on EA's website, i tend to not have a problem with - Their comments just go over my head - But Jarsie and NikoBelic are such asswipes >:(

  2. Haha, couldn't have put it better myself.

    I dunno, whenever I see that chick she's always reporting someone. What's the point? I would only report someone if they did something mega offensive, but reporting a topic just because you don't like it? That's like me reporting someone cause I don't like their face.

    Gah, some people eh?

  3. Reminds me of the horror that is highschool O_O "Eventhough you've never even said two words to me, and i didn't know you even went to this school until two seconds ago - I hate you!!" Twats. Can you tell i absolutely lluurrvvedd highschool?

  4. Indeed. I'm lucky I never experienced any of that highschool shittyness, though there were some twats there. Gah there's twats everywhere aren't there? I loves you though- forget the twats ; )

  5. NikoBelic has been permabanned, just in case you didn't know yet : D

  6. Aw, i loves you too =D
    And he has?! Score!!!! uh... i mean... what a pity *whistles*

  7. Did you say score cause that what I said on the thread announcing his ban? Cause if not then that's just freakish... 0_0

  8. I haven't seen the thread - my internet is being a spaz. Haven't been able to go anywhere but my blog for about 3 hours. So that is freakish O_O But you were the one a little while ago, that said we were the same person =D