Saturday, 9 January 2010

Doctor Doctor, give me the news

Speaking of which, my Doctor has been popping up over on the forums courtesy of Randomspirit. Yup, she's got her hands on him and currently he's not faring so well...

I can only imagine what will happen to him next...

So if you're a fan of alieny supernaturaly type things, do check out the Supernatural Picture Thread. It's been going for a little while now, and people have been posting some lovely things.
Here are some of my favourites:

An uber cute pink Simmie By SimCrazy.

By Darkslayer.

This by KittyKat6369 is somewhat terrifying, partly due to the fact that the Sim looks like she has a giant angry vagina on her face...
Definately the stuff of nightmares.

This one needs a trip to the beauty salon, stat! A manicure and back wax would do her the world of good.
By ilovesims56.

By Randomspirit.

By Isenstrider.

So if you feel like showcasing some of your own freaks, do come visit.
We don't bite... Okay that's a lie.
; )

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