Sunday, 31 January 2010

Aliens and Doctors

So I finished the celebrity Sim I was working on t'other dae. No one commented on the post, cry cry, so I can deduce either people had no clue who she was or they couldn't be arsed. Nevertheless, here she is...

You can download her here if you so wish.

In other news, coolest picture ever below, courtesy of the lovely Randomspirit.
Our Simselves are working on sexing up the Doctor ; )

More pics can be found on her blog.

Group hug! x


  1. :O

    I was thinking it was Lady Gaga, but I didn't want to comment and make myself look dumb if it wasn't!

    I recommended it. :)

  2. My thoughts exactly theRealDeal =D Lady Gaga was my guess, but i thought the skin looked a lil too dark in the older pics - she looks perfect in these though... must've been the lighting or my eyes on the others, Lmao! X

  3. Nah tis not your eyes- methinks it was lighting.

    I'm glad she's recognisable as the Gaga. I'm not completely happy with her- no perfect hair and her nose was really difficult to do in profile, but it worked out okey in the end ^.^