Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Does not compute

Glitches. They're as much a part of the Sims as Toaster Pastry. Wait, they got rid of that didn't they?
Most glitches are quite funny, often they can be really fracking annoying (*cough cough*patch fuckups). Luckily for me most of my glitches are minor silly things, like the following:

Now I know what you're thinking...

Man I miss the Sims 1.


  1. Fury, in that first picture were your sims having an orgy or something...? =D Lol - Seriously, why are they in their underwear O_O X

  2. : p It was for one of those modelling type competitions- Next Top Non-Mortal. The assignment was about love, I tried to insinuate that she was a whore... ^.^

  3. In my game(ambitions) my sim was fixing the fire engine and he was fixing it backwards like in pic 1 and i was sitting there wondering if it was because he had the daredevil trait or my game was messed up lol.