Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Marey Good News

Ahmagad I just peed in my pants a little (shush don't tell).

So there I was doing my daily checkage of The Mare's Nest when lo and behold what should I see but me!

Now for those who don't know, The Mare's Nest is a site where some mysterious individuals blog about things going on in the Sims community. I think it went relatively unnoticed for a while until Netherlia (man/woman/vegetable) made a forum post about it, and chaos ensued. Opinion is pretty much divided- many people enjoy it, whereas other are keen to throw 'lies!' accusations around. Just a little FYI- just because someone says something about you that you don't like, it doesn't mean that it's not true...

Methinks the verdict on the Mare's Nest is really like Marmite- you either love it or you hate it.
I loves Marmite, and I loves the Mare's Nest ; )

You can read the article about my blog here

To celebrate, here's a picture of a child breaking his arms...


  1. Wahey!! *happy dances* i loves The Mare too =D I actually "squee-d" the other day cos there was a screenshot of one of my posts, Lol! X

  2. Yanno in all the joy I didn't notice at first- they refered to Escape to Riverview as a legacy : o

    They needs to put their reading specs on methinks : p

  3. I hate marmite.