Friday, 8 January 2010

Considerably taller than thou

The height slider found here at MTS is proving to be uber fun.

I'm currently using it on Serendipity, my freakish alien beauty.
Here she is putting the moves on the Doctor:

Obviously there are some logistical problems involved, but it's adding a nice bit of variety to my neighbourhood (spice of life, yadda yadda yadda).

If you'd like Seren in your game you can download her from the Sims3 website here. Howevers, that version of her is slightly more purple than she is now.
I have to have light skintones in my game because the darker ones come out all pixely...
Stupid racist computer.

Remember to download the Duo Tones Replacement Skin Tone Slider found here.
And the Elf Ear Slider is from here.



  1. are you going to start Escape to Riverview soon?

  2. My first commenter : D

    Am working on Part Three of ETR currently. Should be posted next week hopefully.

  3. your a great writer