Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Why so arsey Miss Jarsie?

Another day, another person stating their frustrations with the game on the forum.
And what's wrong with that?

Well, a lot is wrong with that according to some people...

Why do some people always have to do that? There's a number of users on the forums who seem to like nothing more than antagonising others, but why? Are they hoping that the OP will turn around and say 'gee I never thought of that, I take back everything I said'.
Maybe some people just really like arguing. But here's the kicker- you can't argue your way into changing someone elses views. I mean, are you really that arrogant to assume that your opinion is of more worth than anyone elses?
I try to live by the saying- if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. But sometimes you just have to ignore that and say- Hey, you. Shut the fuck up.


  1. A forum I used to go on was just like that! It's why I left. Stpid Animation Source, it was crap anyway.

  2. Don't you think that Mares should make a Jarsie9 tee shirt?

  3. What, one that says 'FUCK YOU JARSIE'

    That'd be good :D