Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Super FuryRed Saves The Day

Some of you may know Super FuryRed from my Ghost Guide and general aura of awesomeness. What you may not know about her is that she's also a top-secret spy working for MISims....

She may seem all sweetness and light when she's shagging legacy Sims or helping out ghosts, but get on her bad side and you're in trouble.

Definitely nightmare-inducing.

You can now download Super FuryRed as a household from my studio. She comes complete with all ten skills maxxed, lifefruit and deathfish in the inventory, as well as the Ambrosia recipe. Perfect for all your ghost restoration needs (cause we all know how bloody time consuming that is).

Get her here

Hair is a Peggy conversion found here
Superman top from here


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Objects In The VR Goggles May Be Bigger Than They Appear...

Ahh this is the life. Aren't you glad I decided to bring you here eh Ranz?

I thought I told you to stop calling me that...

Sorry Randy.


Hey, cheer up you- I've got something to make you feel better. New clothes!

Oh good, I was thinking you were going to keep me stuck in dresses and bikinis the whole time.

Well... maybe later. For now though let's check out our new togs hmm?

Oh yeah, we'm cool as fuck now.

They're pretty nifty these aren't they Random?

Hey, as long as it's not a dress I'm happy.

Good good. You know... these clothes are kind of retrocool; they give me idea for what we can do next...

You, sir, are a cad! I challenge you to a duel!

You're on bitch, I'll grind you to the ground Fury!

Ahahaha I win! Smell my armpit Fury, smell it!

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! NEVER!

Weee, that was fun Random, but I gots to head off now.

Aww where you going dude?

Oh, nowhere... I'll be back later. Byes!

Fury sure has a tendency to disappear a lot Doctor, do you know where she goes?

Well, no. But I'm sure she's okay- she's probably just writing her legacy or something, I'm sure she wont be causing any harm.


Hahaha ska rah rah!

Haha stoopid robot, you suck!

Yeah robot, you're a stupid head!

Bleep bleep what have I done to deserve this bleep bleep?

Doctor, I don't wish to concern you but... I'm worried about Fury. I've been reading her blog- I've seen what she's been doing to Jimminy Billy-Bob and it really isn't fair. Doesn't it bother you that she's acting this way?

Random I... I don't know. I love her of course but it bothers me that she can be that cruel.

Oi you, what do you think you're doing? Don't think I don't know what's going on here- I saw what went on between you two in your blog, I know he got you pregnant.

Fury, that was your idea! And besides, that's like a whole different reality.

Ha, yeah right.

Fury, leave Random alone. And hey, if you want to talk about that sort of thing, what about you and that legacy guy you got it on with?

Hey, me and Eden shared a very special bond... Besides, that wasn't even me! That was Super FuryRed.

Fury you're one and the same, please don't play games with me.

Ah screw this, I'm leaving.

No Fury don't go. Please, let's just talk about this.
*sigh* How can I prove to her that she's the only girl for me?

Later That Night

Fury, can you come here for a minute please, I need to show you something.

Grr don't want to talk to that stupid Doctor *grumble* I hate h-
Doctor, what the hell are you doing?!

Hello Fury, I've been expecting you...

Ah. Imma have to burn that sofa...

Big big thanks are owed to chocolateaddic100 who gifted me the entire Steampunk Savvy set. Thank you so much! : D

If you fancy the set for yourself you'll have to break open the piggybank and buy it from the store (or find a torrent).
If you fancy downloading the rose that protected the Doctor's modesty you're disgusting and I'm not going to tell you where to get it!
Love x

Bear With Me

Am doing some maintenance

Edit- done now! What does you think?

Also, for the Mars fans out there, check out the teaser pic for the new chapter over thar>
It might help with your betting ; )

Monday, 29 March 2010

So's Your Face

Some pretty self-explanatory pictures that occurred whilst I was playing my legacy game todae.

I really don't know what the hell Blaze is doing....
After this classic facial expression she followed it up with another:

Jeasus, why are all my legacy Sims such beautiful weirdos?

Also an N.B: I don't reckon I'll be around much over the next few days as am uber busy. I know there are a lot of people on my blogs and forums threads asking me things, and I'm not ignoring you- I just don't have time to answer properly.

I have really little freetime atm, and the bit I do have is being spent trying to get my legacy sorted so I can put out a new chapter on Fridae. It's turning into a extreme pain in my arse especially as a bunch of the Sims just died in a fire...
But you'll have to wait til the next chapter to see who expired.
I know, I'm a tease.

So yeah. I'm feeling somewhat tightly wound at present.
Please excuse my absence.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Escape to Riverview and Mars Legacy update

Inappropriate picture anyone?

Double whammy for you todae.

Escape to Riverview, Part Eight: A Simple One Night Fang

Read on the blog here or on the forums here.

The Mars Family Legacy, Chapter 36: Witness the Fitness

Read on the blog here or on here.

A Whole Mess o'Crap

Weeeeeeee, thanks Mares ^_^

Nice stuff yush.

Elsewhere, in another article, this made me laugh as well as raise an eyebrow...

Does this mean they're all girly-girls then? Hmm, I guess I should change my Sim incarnation of them, but I don't want to- I somewhat love them.

Yanno I dropped the trio into my legacy neighbourhood, and now two of them are dating. That'll make for an awkward conversation at the office Christmas party : p

Oh, and the skeleton's name is Rah Rah Rah Ska Rah Rah.
Would you really expect anything less?

So, elsewhere in the Sims universe the cover for Ambitions was revealed.

Unlike the last expansion I'm actually somewhat enthused about this one, so much so that I've pre-ordered it, even though I may not have a new computer in time to play it. There's method to my madness though, as if you want to get it on the cheap you should really get a wriggle on.

Yesterdae Ambitions was only £12.99 on Amazon, and now it's up to £20.99 : o
At about 2pm todae when I ordered it from it was £14.99, and now it's gone up to £17.99.

Now, as far as I know, the price stated when you ordered the product is what you'll be paying for it, regardless of whether they hike their prices at a later date, so you may want to get in there sharpish before it goes up again.

Anyways, Ambitions. As soon as I saw the words 'tattoo parlour' I was set tbh, and the more I hear about it the happier I am. There's a couple of aspects in particular that I'm intrigued by. The Ghostbusters career could prove to be uber fun, and would provide basis for a follow up to my Ghost Guide. And of course there's the little matter of the Servos...

Now I never had the expansions in Sims 1 and 2 that gave you the Servos, but since I downloaded a certain robot friend from Mod the Sims I've become much more interested in said creatures.

That said, Jimminy Billy-Bob's days may well be numbered when the new snazzy TS3 version rocks up. I may have to lock him up in a container like in i-Robot...

Poor metal bastard.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Stop hironing me!

I just had a slight hysterical laughing fit due to this picture from The Mare's Nest...

Bahaha, I can see that coming in very useful in future forum posts ; )

Howevers I must be careful- if you can get banned for posting a triple facepalm pic who knows what might happen...

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Stars and Lack of Same

As of now (23/03/2010, 00:25 UK time) there are 3615490 members of

Of these 3615490 members, only 1691 have been featured.

I wouldn't like to guesstimate exactly how many of said featured members have actually earned their kudos.

But who am I to say who's worthy and who isn't? It's not my choice, and I'm a bit of a dick for suggesting otherwise, but we're all entitled to our opinions. Howevers, it just vexes me somewhat.

There are members out there, members like fidlerten- builder of stunning and well-thought-out houses, members like Aoxa- writer of the most enduringly popular Sims3 legacy of all time, members like suicidespat- creator of unique and wonderfully weird Sims; surely these people deserve some sort of recognition for their work?

It's sad to say, but you're more likely to get featured for a recolour of some WA kit than something you've put your heart and soul into. Because you see has been, and always will be, an exercise in money making- a tool for advertisement. That's why, as soon as a new SP or EP comes out, all of a sudden the home page is filled with featured items from that release.

It's kind of gutting, the feature system. Of course, I'm not reputing my own featured status- I've been featured twice now and, as far as I'm concerned, I earned it. But it's not my place to say who deserves it and who doesn't, only to hope that some of the amazing creators out there will soon be rewarded for their efforts.

For now we'll just have to keep recommending and believe that, eventually, someone out there will take notice.

Here's hoping : )

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hello Dave, You're My Wife Now

You know Fury I'm not being funny or anything but you've been wearing that t-shirt for over a week now and, well, it's starting to honk a bit.

Ha! This coming from the guy who runs round through time wearing the same suit each and every day. You could probably grow potatoes in those kecks of yours.

Ah you know what Doctor? We could stay here and bicker all the live-long day but we both know there's more important things to do. How's it coming along- that little project I asked you to do for me?

It's, erm, been a bit difficult. The experiment didn't exactly go to plan... come to the basement and you'll see.

Alrighty but I'm bringing my drink with me- I have a feeling I'm going to need it...

Show me then, what's gone wrong? Did she not turn out as expected?

You could say that...

Oh come the fuck on Doctor, end the suspense already.


God, I wonder what fine mess he's gotten us into this time...

Argh, what the hell is that?!

Look Fury I know she didn't turn out exactly as we planned, considering she's a he and a skeleton he at that, but we can't just get rid of him.

And why not?

We made him Fury, he's like our child- would you just abandon your children?

Do you really want me to answer that?

But you know... maybe this isn't such a bad thing- having a creepy skeleton man around the house. Maybe he could prove to be very useful indeed... *heh heh heh*


Bleep bleep motherbleeper!

Rah rah so when I jumped him he was so scared he leaked metallic lubricant everywhere ha ha ska rah rah.

Bahahaha, what an idiot!

Hahaha ska rah rah!

Come on Jimminy Billy-Bob it's okay, she doesn't mean to be cruel. I'm here for you.

Bleep bleep thank you Doctor. You make me feel warmth in my hollow chest bleep bleep.

Bahahaha, oh this is so much better than hanging out with that stupid robot!

Hahaha ska rah rah!

*sigh* If I can just do this- if I can just finish this project like Fury asked then maybe she'd be happy. Maybe then we'd all be at peace...

Later That Night

Doctor I'm just about to go to bed, what is it?

Well Fury... I finally did it. I made her, just like you asked. I hope you like her.

Holy crap Doctor that's amazing!

I can't believe I've been dragged away from my awesome snazzy graphics to come to this dump...

Fury, it was really nice you making the effort to get me here and all, but just what the hell am I wearing?

I wanted you to fit in so I magically changed your outfit- I have the power. Anyways I thought you'd like it- it's purple yanno?

I look like a twat in taffeta.

Well... maybe a little.

Ah don't worry Random, I'll get you some nice new clothes. You're going to love it here- I promise.

Wait, I thought this was just a quick visit; I can leave in a couple of days right?

...We'll see...

If you fancy making your own scary skeleton, download the kit here.
I can't promise he'll be as acecakes as mine though.