Friday, 26 March 2010

A Whole Mess o'Crap

Weeeeeeee, thanks Mares ^_^

Nice stuff yush.

Elsewhere, in another article, this made me laugh as well as raise an eyebrow...

Does this mean they're all girly-girls then? Hmm, I guess I should change my Sim incarnation of them, but I don't want to- I somewhat love them.

Yanno I dropped the trio into my legacy neighbourhood, and now two of them are dating. That'll make for an awkward conversation at the office Christmas party : p

Oh, and the skeleton's name is Rah Rah Rah Ska Rah Rah.
Would you really expect anything less?

So, elsewhere in the Sims universe the cover for Ambitions was revealed.

Unlike the last expansion I'm actually somewhat enthused about this one, so much so that I've pre-ordered it, even though I may not have a new computer in time to play it. There's method to my madness though, as if you want to get it on the cheap you should really get a wriggle on.

Yesterdae Ambitions was only £12.99 on Amazon, and now it's up to £20.99 : o
At about 2pm todae when I ordered it from it was £14.99, and now it's gone up to £17.99.

Now, as far as I know, the price stated when you ordered the product is what you'll be paying for it, regardless of whether they hike their prices at a later date, so you may want to get in there sharpish before it goes up again.

Anyways, Ambitions. As soon as I saw the words 'tattoo parlour' I was set tbh, and the more I hear about it the happier I am. There's a couple of aspects in particular that I'm intrigued by. The Ghostbusters career could prove to be uber fun, and would provide basis for a follow up to my Ghost Guide. And of course there's the little matter of the Servos...

Now I never had the expansions in Sims 1 and 2 that gave you the Servos, but since I downloaded a certain robot friend from Mod the Sims I've become much more interested in said creatures.

That said, Jimminy Billy-Bob's days may well be numbered when the new snazzy TS3 version rocks up. I may have to lock him up in a container like in i-Robot...

Poor metal bastard.


  1. Hey, hey, I'm a lil' angry over one of your posts! I was looking through and I saw 'I Smell Disaster', and read it. I feel that my click fast video is much, much better than EMMYPESS's bright colors and rainbows. At least mine is a fat, purple-eyed dancing lady!

  2. And don't worry, it's funny, not . . . well, y'know.

  3. Jess45789 (Jessi)26 March 2010 at 13:28

    Tatoo palour? Ohhhhhh, me likes!

    C'mon EA, hurry up and do a pets expansion pack! And this time put Caviler King Charles Spaniels on there!!