Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hello Dave, You're My Wife Now

You know Fury I'm not being funny or anything but you've been wearing that t-shirt for over a week now and, well, it's starting to honk a bit.

Ha! This coming from the guy who runs round through time wearing the same suit each and every day. You could probably grow potatoes in those kecks of yours.

Ah you know what Doctor? We could stay here and bicker all the live-long day but we both know there's more important things to do. How's it coming along- that little project I asked you to do for me?

It's, erm, been a bit difficult. The experiment didn't exactly go to plan... come to the basement and you'll see.

Alrighty but I'm bringing my drink with me- I have a feeling I'm going to need it...

Show me then, what's gone wrong? Did she not turn out as expected?

You could say that...

Oh come the fuck on Doctor, end the suspense already.


God, I wonder what fine mess he's gotten us into this time...

Argh, what the hell is that?!

Look Fury I know she didn't turn out exactly as we planned, considering she's a he and a skeleton he at that, but we can't just get rid of him.

And why not?

We made him Fury, he's like our child- would you just abandon your children?

Do you really want me to answer that?

But you know... maybe this isn't such a bad thing- having a creepy skeleton man around the house. Maybe he could prove to be very useful indeed... *heh heh heh*


Bleep bleep motherbleeper!

Rah rah so when I jumped him he was so scared he leaked metallic lubricant everywhere ha ha ska rah rah.

Bahahaha, what an idiot!

Hahaha ska rah rah!

Come on Jimminy Billy-Bob it's okay, she doesn't mean to be cruel. I'm here for you.

Bleep bleep thank you Doctor. You make me feel warmth in my hollow chest bleep bleep.

Bahahaha, oh this is so much better than hanging out with that stupid robot!

Hahaha ska rah rah!

*sigh* If I can just do this- if I can just finish this project like Fury asked then maybe she'd be happy. Maybe then we'd all be at peace...

Later That Night

Doctor I'm just about to go to bed, what is it?

Well Fury... I finally did it. I made her, just like you asked. I hope you like her.

Holy crap Doctor that's amazing!

I can't believe I've been dragged away from my awesome snazzy graphics to come to this dump...

Fury, it was really nice you making the effort to get me here and all, but just what the hell am I wearing?

I wanted you to fit in so I magically changed your outfit- I have the power. Anyways I thought you'd like it- it's purple yanno?

I look like a twat in taffeta.

Well... maybe a little.

Ah don't worry Random, I'll get you some nice new clothes. You're going to love it here- I promise.

Wait, I thought this was just a quick visit; I can leave in a couple of days right?

...We'll see...

If you fancy making your own scary skeleton, download the kit here.
I can't promise he'll be as acecakes as mine though.


  1. .......




    Bahahahahaha! xD Oh, thats class =D

    I had a ball of dread drop into my stomach, as soon as i saw that title =P Poor simself me - she has no idea what she's in for, Lol!

    Two questions: How did you finally get Sim-Random to stop being stubborn, and work in your game? And WHY am i wearing a DRESS?! =P


  2. Well the fact that you didn't notice shows how good I am....

    I recreated your Simself : o

    I just went off of the pictures of her on your blog and worked from there- hence why she just has some lovely clothing of my choosing on : p

    You can specify what clothing you'd like her to wear if you like, though I can't guarantee that Sim Fury will listen...

    Ooh, and you could help me out with making her perfecto- if you could take some pics of your Sim in CAS then I could compare with my version liek ; )

    Ahhh that's so many possibilities now that you're trapped in my game. Bahahaha!


  3. Gahhhh my first blog comment cock-up!

    Am crying over the lack of editation...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ahhh, i thought the nose looked different - but i thought it was just your skin, or summat xD Completely forgot you're using exactly the same one as me, Lmao!

    Shall grab some CAS piccies of her in a mo... but i kinda like your version better xD she's prettier =P

    And "yay!" to your first comment cock-up - Muahahaha! See how annoying it is now? ;)

    Ignore that last deleted one >_<

  6. Oh my God! So funny! LMAO!

  7. Well, I tried my bestest : p

    We can keep her the same if you like or, after you've posted your pics, I'll tweak mine and see what you think.

    Ooh, and let me know what clobber you'd like to wear. I have those fishnet arm thingys from the pics on your blog, and will be sure to download your t-shirts from the Mare's ; )

  8. I think the only thing that would need MAJOR tweaking, would be her nose - but i hate my nose >_< so that can stay the way it is =P

    But i shall give you my eyes and mouth xD Happy birthday =P

    Any clobber will do - Just no pink, frilly, girly shit =P


  9. Righty ho, a hot pink frilly dress with lots of bows and lace petticoats coming right up : p

    Nah don't worry- I'll be kind.

  10. The Idiot of the century with sexual themes

  11. anonymous how could u say that if u don't like it why are u on this site i mean seroiusly

  12. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahah

  13. Lol!

    I scrolled down a small bit before it all loaded and saw a funny looking skeleton... I HAD to read it rofl

    Your stories are too good fury!


  14. HAHAHAHAHAHA that was great still love that skelenton might have to make my sim self marry one if thats possible lol >.>

  15. I feel like a twit. Why you ask? Well I am reading your posts in the wrong order! Hmm, too much on my mind atm.
    Anyways, another entertaining read. ;)