Saturday, 23 January 2010

How To Find All Your Forum Posts

The Sims 3 website search box is a joke. Case in point- if you type in my name and search for members, my page will be the last item displayed. WTF mate? Consequently, it can be rather annoying when trying to find threads that you have previously posted in, as searching for them wont always give you what you want. But fear not! There is an easier way...

Go to 'My Preferences' and look in the address bar at the top. It'll say something like

Make a note of those six numbers at the end- they're your unique user code.

Type this into your address bar:******.page replacing the stars with the number you previously wrote down.

You should now find yourself with a list of all the posts you've made. It's a good idea to favourite the page for future reference.

Much easier doncha think?


  1. Fury - Very helpful... but suppose a somebody like me has nearly 3000 posts (or moar)... is there a better way to narrow it down?

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