Wednesday, 27 January 2010

U.G.L.Y. You Aint Got No Alibi

There's a lot of legacies on the Sims 3 website, and sometimes it can be difficult sorting the masterpieces from the utter crap. Of course, the issue with all the story pics going missing has buggered things up even more. And so I find myself turning to pastures new. The Sims 2 website...

Back in the day of Sims 2 I never even knew it had a website, so I've only just had my first look at it recently. After fannying about for a while and looking at some things, I stumbled upon a story of just utter brilliance- The Prettacy Family by Candi020765.

Now I'm not really a big laugher. Most things will make me smile but it takes something rather special to actually make me laugh (although any humour of a dark nature definitely works). However, this legacy actually made me laugh out loud. It make me lol people, even lamayo (that's 'laughing my ass off' to meer mortals).

So yeah, by all means check it out here, and I shall leave you with my favourite bit from the first chapter.

: D


  1. LOL, I loved that story on TS2. You know, that first started out with the Uglacy, you should check it out.

    PS: She's on the TS3 site as well, and is doing her Uglacy with TS3!

  2. Oh em gee! I was wondering if she was on TS3, thanks : D