Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ghosts and Echoes

My ghost guide got featured yesterdae which was loverly, and The Mare's Nest peoples even did a little article about it. Definite w00tage ; )

Summat else I noticed though was just how similar the title of one of their articles was to one of mine from ages ago...



Great minds think alike and all that jazz.
Baby we can rhyme with the best of 'em.


  1. Roffle, imma sue those bitches!
    I'm thinking it's just a weird coincidence, unless they really are stalking me and watching my every move... who's that in the bushes?!

  2. Lol! You so should! And i reckon The Mare's stalk everyone! >_>

    I had a weird moment last night. After finding out about being on there myself - my mind kept creating odd ideas that there were hidden cameras in my living room O_O but it was 3am at the time =D Sleep deprivation is my excuse! X

  3. When I was younger I used to worry that there were cameras in my house all the time...
    You though at twenty, tut tut : p
    Sleep deprivation and too much internetz probably. I mean, look at us now at half one in the morning typing away ^.^

  4. Aww - maybe your parents had CCTV going on in the house, Lol!
    And leave my age outta this =P i act my shoe size ^_^

    And i'll be here for atleast another hour, anyway ^_^ Lol! My sleep pattern is so messed up since College finsished...

  5. That's what I used to think! But then I remembered they were always going on about not having much money so obviously they wouldn't be able to afford such shit.
    My sleep pattern is buggered too, mainly cause I have nuffink to do! I keep forgetting what dae it is too 0_0 For a while todae I was convinced it was Sundae...

  6. Lol, whats with the "ae"? =D

    I have work, but only 3 days a week - stupid recession, and no overtime >:(

    But i've always been more of a night owl. Mornings are yucky. Bleugh

    Technically, it is Sunday =D but i get what ya mean =P

  7. See, the recession is to blame for all problems :D

    Ah, the 'ae'. It's just a thing we do in my group of friends. We have weird ways of spelling things- it just kind of evolved over time.

    It's what all the cool kids am doing ;)

  8. Well i'm not cool, so i wouldn't know about that =P

  9. You can be cool by not caring about being cool 8)

  10. wow i LOVE your ghost guide. :) thank you for writing it. (yes i clicked on the ghost guide and read it on

  11. No problem :) I enjoyed playing about with the ghosts and getting the pictures.