Saturday, 27 February 2010

We All Knew It Would Come To This

Since the whole culling policy was announced, Simmers across the globe have been getting their knickers in a twist slash panties in a bunch. I was kind of non-plussed about it as you can imagine, but having a freak-out isn't going to change anything. With that in mind, I started working on a little solution for myself...

Welcome to FuryRed Sims

I'm not about to leave the fate of my lovely little Simmies in the hands of a bunch of dicks who can't tell their arse from their elbow most of the time. Nope, instead my creations now have their own little home where they can live happily, without fear of deletion.

I've spent the past couple of days making the site look all pretty and that, and now it's ready. Not all my olde Sims are uploaded yet- just a few of my personal favourites, and a couple of new ones too.

So come on in and visit wont you? Champagne and canapes at the door (though I'll be sticking to Cosmos and Party Rings).

Friday, 26 February 2010

Immature, moi?

So today I downloaded the Chaos Mod from MTS as I reckons it'll come in very useful regarding summat I'm working on... but you'll hear about that another time.

One of the features of this mod is the ability to make Sims do specific animations on the spot which, as you can imagine, is very useful for pictures and the like.

Howevers, whilst cycling through the options I came across this one which made me laugh quite a bit...

Is it just me, or does it look like she's doing a bit of a rude gesture... you know which one I mean!

Yup, clearly I'm rather silleh and/or dirty minded (and this is without mentioning the fact that I had a laughing fit at work yesterdae, just because someone couldn't get a machine to work...)


Thursday, 25 February 2010

Customise This

So you may remember a few weeks ago when the Gurus started a forum topic asking us what new aspects we'd like for our pages. Well today some site maintenance began... Exciting stuff people- maybe they're finally giving us PMing and guestbooks like we asked!

Err, no.

Instead we have some 'goodies' like snazzy avatar backgrounds, oh-so-trendy badges, and achingly cool stickers.

In case it's not glaringly obvious, I'm being sarcasmic.

But hey- you may be thinking that's all well and good- I'd quite like something to jazz up my profile a tad. Well guess what? YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM. With a few free options thrown your way sadly all the others require some kachingage on your part.

EA, greedy bastards incorporated, do you not have enough money yet?

Shove it.

Eh, you know what? I'm probably being too harsh; let's wait and see what else they give us shall we? But I can tell you this much for a start- I'm not paying to improve my profile when their website's down more than a whore's drawers.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Kiss Kiss Death Death

Woo woo, I finally had some freetime with which to update Escape to Riverview : D

Read part six 'The End Of You, Tonight' on my blog here or on the forums here.

The Moral of the Metal

Now Fury, I know you were enjoying Hawaii but we had to come home some time.

But whhyyy? It was so pretty there, and now I have to come back here, sit on my solid-gold toilet whilst I write legacies, and spend all my money on hair dye.

Wait, that's not your real hair colour?


Look, don't worry- I've got you a little something to cheer you up...

You're not going to dress up for me again are you?

No no, it's something even better.


Bleep bleep, hello, I'm Servo3000- pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm fully programmed to serve your every need, bleep bleep.

Wows, he's so awesome-o! I think I'm going to name him Jimminy Billy-Bob...

Fury, that's cruel.

Oh, and you have such a normal name 'The Doctor'?

I see your point...

Thank you so much Doctor he's perfect, and now we have him as a slave we'll have even more time to just be all cool and junk.
I loves you.

Bleep bleep, what. is. love?

Wow, he can even make me a JD&Coke. This is just the best gift ever- much better than last year when you bought me a depressed Cyberman.

Jimminy Billy-Bob you're the greatest! I can't imagine ever getting sick of you...

The Next Day

What the hell is wrong with you?! Why did you wake me up, it's not even midday yet! I've only had ten hours sleep you moron! Get out of my bedroom, stupid metal dick!

Bleep bleep, yes ma'am.

And don't call me ma'am!

What the hell are you doing with that?! I told you I have a phobia of wooden spoons and you bring that carved demon into my house? Get it out of here, and while you're at it get me some fish and chips- I don't want to eat this shit you've prepared. And be sure to count out an even amount of chips!

Bleep bleep, yes Mistress Fury...

Bleep bleep, just one step forward and it'll all be over, bleep bleep. Just one more step...

Remember kids- a servo is for life, not just for Christmas. Get yours here today and treat it with the love and respect it deserves.

Please don't repeat our mistakes.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Oh the ironing...

Hey, guess what's top of the storyboard today? An actual story? Not bloody likely. Nope, instead it's this:

It does exactly what it says on the tin really- it's a 'story' telling people not to use the phrase 'that's so gay', because apparently that's offensive. To the gays.

Fun fact kiddies, I'm half-gay, two of my mates are gay, and we say it all the time. I guess some people just want to be offended.

But the thing that really made me laugh was the person's username...


BUMMER! Does that not mean the same thing in America as it does here?


I Smell Disaster

Is this for real-real? I originally thought it meant that unpopular items would be deleted from exchange searches and not from the website altogether, but lots of other peeps seem to think otherwise.

So let's get this straight, after a fortnight, if your upload isn't doing so well it gets deleted. How fucking ignorant of the mods to do this- don't they see all the shit that gets a million fan-girl recs? How does that deserve more of a place on the website than actual quality work that people have put time and effort into?

With no arrogance implied I don't think this will affect me too much as my stories and Sims tend to do quite well, though it really depends on where they set the bar for what they consider to be a good amount of downloads/recs.
But either way, just because I'm well-known enough for people to appreciate my creations, it doesn't mean I have more of a right than anyone else to have my stuff saved whilst theirs is deleted.

Hey EA, how about you clear out the click fast and conversation stories, the inappropriate Sims, and the stolen lots before you start setting this proposal in motion?
Oh wait that's right- that would actually involve some effort on your part. No no, this way you can just get a machine to tell you the cold hard statistics; that'll help you decide what's quality and what isn't.

Absolute morons, inc.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Rhyme and Reason

So you may/may not have noticed that I've haven't been on the forums and that so much recently, and I figured I may as well explain why.

It's nothing ominous : p

You see, I've joked in the past that the recession has been the cause of my obsessive Sims habit, but it's actually somewhat true. Having no job equals a hella lot of free time, and with my friends busy being real people at work during the day I've had to find ways to spend my time. And I loves the Sims, I do.

Howevers, now I have a job (woo) but being a real person is meaning I have a lot less time for Simming. Consequently it's been tricky keeping on top of things like my legacy and Escape to Riverview, but I am trying. I should be able to get a new chapter of The Mars Family Legacy out every Friday, but ETR updates will just have to be when I have some spare time. Also, as the Sims3 website chose the worst fucking time in the world to wipe all my story pics, uploading all the chapters of the legacy to the blog will take longer than expected.

I'm sure you'll all be lovely and understanding about it all, but I thought I might as well tell you what's going on.

Is what it is yo.

P.s.- Mare's Nest I'm thieving this pic cause it's acecakes ; )

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Ah, If Only

The Mare's Nest made me smile today, with this segment of today's article in particular:

Obviously I couldn't resist the urge to recreate this fantasy...

"I'll have a Jack Daniels and Coke please Doctor, ice and a slice."

Teehee, it's like that Thomas Cook advert : p

Saturday, 13 February 2010

For The Love Of The Legacy

Alright, so after my enraged spaz earlier there was really only one thing to do... go out drinking and shopping.

That done, I started work on uploading all the chapters of The Mars Family Legacy to a new blog. Actually getting the layout how I wanted it took long enough, so I've only managed to upload one chapter so far. Still, it's a start.

Here's a linkage

Hey, EA

Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you website people!

Hey you may remember a couple of weeks ago where I went through the effort of reuploading all my pictures after they were wiped, well guess what's happened again?

Goddamn C-U-Next-Tuesdays.

Apologies readers, but I'm furious.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Weird and Wonderful

I've just discovered a thread that has inexplicably escaped my attention til now...

This is PinkZebra's Weird and Wacky Picture Thread, and the source of my near-hernia from laughing too much.

Here are some of the reasons why-

All pictures courtesy of magic (a person from the Sims website, not the mystical force...)


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I'll Give You Justice, Right Up The...

Have you seen this?

This looks like a job for...

Super FuryRed!

But I have to wonder what the point of it all is- surely the people they've already employed would have the common sense to be able to distinguish between the trolls and the misunderstood...

Hmm, maybe not.

I'm curious to see who they actually appoint as Moderators, and my guess is it'll be someone with a non-custom avatar, who probably owns WA or High End Loft Stuff, and can be easily manipulated.

But I'm hoping they'll prove me wrong, and choose someone who actually spends enough time on the forums to know how to sort out the twats and stop banning people for seemingly no good reason. And if they could find someone to sort out the shit that happens on the story boards too, well, that would be just dandy.

Lemme at 'em, lemme at 'em!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Oh The Cheek Of It...

Peggy is such a cheeky bastard.

Not only do you have to pay for nice custom content that technically only EA has the right to charge for, but now when you try to download anything from PeggyZone this lovely little message pops up...

Server busy my assets- it's just another blatant attempt to get people to part with their hard-earned cash.

*cough cough* Sims Cave, Paysites Must Be Destroyed...

I'm not paying- no way, no how.

How To Install Custom Content

There are so many tutorials out there that aim to teach you how to install custom content, but still people are confused about exactly how it works. A lot of guides tend to over complicate things in my opinion, and all the technical lingo makes it hard to understand.
Hopefully this simple step-by-step tutorial will aid you in finally getting glorious CC into your game.

1. For starters you will have to download WinZip or WinRar. I downloaded WinRar from here; I get all my downloads from the Computer Active website because I know it's safe and easy to use.

WinRar is free software that will try and get you to buy it after a limited period. Howevers, you don't have to pay for it, and it will only prompt you to do so if you open up the programme. When I first got WinRar the first thing I did was start it up, and that was enough to put me off downloading CC right there and then. All the file names and things are confusing, but luckily you don't actually have to use WinRar that way to install CC. Phew.

A lot of people would also recommend downloading the Helper Monkey from Mod The Sims, but personally I found it was easier to install CC the manual way.

2. Go to My Computer>Local Disc (C:)>Program Files> Electronic Arts> The Sims 3 and create a folder called Mods. Inside that folder create another folder called Packages.

3. Next, head over to a custom content website of your choice to find something to download. For your first try I'd recommend PeggyZone.
Find a hairstyle or whatev that you want to download- I chose this one because NO ONE ELSE EVER WILL. Seriously, it's disgusting...

4. Click on the download button. If the browser you're using is Firefox, like moi, this little box will appear. Select Save File and click Ok- the file will be downloaded to My Documents> Downloads.

If you're using Internet Explorer the box will be only slightly different. Again select Save, and this time choose a destination for your file to download to.

5. Once the file has finished downloading, right click on it and select Extract Here. Don't open WinRar as it'll scare you... Just right click, extract here, simples.

6. Once WinRar has finished extracting the file it'll spit out a bunch of things. You can ignore the JPEG Image and the Read Me file if you like.

7. Take the Resource file and place it in My Computer>Local Disc (C:)> Electronic Arts> The Sims 3. Every time you download something from Peggy it will give you a new Resource file, but you only have to place it as instructed the one time.

8. Next, take the Package file and place it in My Computer>Local Disc (C:)>Program Files> Electronic Arts> The Sims 3> Mods> Packages. I should say that if you don't have the Helper Monkey installed then your file will have a different icon to the one shown here.

As I said before the Helper Monkey confused me when first installing CC, but you do need it to install Mods. We'll come to that another time though.

And that's it really- when you go into your game your new CC hair should be there.
When you start off you can just place all the Package files in the Packages folder, but as time goes on you may wish to create subfolders for all your different types of custom content.

And, if you're hyper-organised like me you can create seperate subfolders for all the different items with pictures and everyfink. As long as all the subfolders are inside the Packages folder then it should all work fine.

Also, if you download custom content from places like LianaSims, instead of Package files you'll get Sims3Pack files. You can either double click on the file which will open up the launcher and you can install it that way, but if you have several files to install at once this isn't very practical. Instead, take all the files and place them in My Documents>Electronic Arts> The Sims 3> Downloads. After that, just open up the launcher and you'll find the files all there in the Downloads section, where you can just Select All and Install.

And that concludes this loverly tutorial. If you follow the steps exactly I can't see what could possibly go wrong, but you never know...

I should say that sometimes, for seemingly no reason whatsoever, certain items of CC just wont appear in my game. It happens.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, otherwise- buhbye!

Group hug x

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Glade Hates Baths

This of course means I'm working with my Riverviewians- you can expect an update tomorrow ^_^

Thursday, 4 February 2010

You Could Poke Your Eye Out With That...

I'm somewhat in love with this slightly mental hair conversion by Annihilation...

Great for olde style medieval Sims or fashionista chic ; )

Download it in package or Sims3pack form here.

All Freaks Together

If you haven't seen the following thread by now you should definitely check it out...

This is suicidespat's thread 'The Island of Misfit Sims', the place to show off your most freakish Simmie creations. It is also home to the world's sexiest man, Pinhead Poodlemeyer.
The man is such a stone-cold-fox he has women falling over themselves to get a piece of him, and more than a few have been just desperate to have his babies. This is the result...

Definitely the funniest Sims picture I have ever seen ^_^

In the spirit of such things I made my own misfit todae.

Her name is Zani Lovesalott, and all she wants is to find the right man. Possibly a tough task...

: D