Thursday, 25 February 2010

Customise This

So you may remember a few weeks ago when the Gurus started a forum topic asking us what new aspects we'd like for our pages. Well today some site maintenance began... Exciting stuff people- maybe they're finally giving us PMing and guestbooks like we asked!

Err, no.

Instead we have some 'goodies' like snazzy avatar backgrounds, oh-so-trendy badges, and achingly cool stickers.

In case it's not glaringly obvious, I'm being sarcasmic.

But hey- you may be thinking that's all well and good- I'd quite like something to jazz up my profile a tad. Well guess what? YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM. With a few free options thrown your way sadly all the others require some kachingage on your part.

EA, greedy bastards incorporated, do you not have enough money yet?

Shove it.

Eh, you know what? I'm probably being too harsh; let's wait and see what else they give us shall we? But I can tell you this much for a start- I'm not paying to improve my profile when their website's down more than a whore's drawers.


  1. I agree ):< idc about badges and 'stickers!' I want my fracken PM'ing and Guestbook! D:<. Hopefully they will be giving us what we want in the coming week, all we can do is cross our fingers :/.


  2. Call me cynical but I really don't think we'll get stuff like that. The Gurus always seem to do these 'tell us what you think' threads and nothing ever comes of it- it's like they're just trying to placate us.

    Heyyy, if you get a new food related alter-ego may I have one too?

    Imma call myself... Jamface ; )

  3. Three simple words: Piece. Of. Shit.
    Whats the point in having "snazzy avatar backgrounds" when we can customise them, ourselves!
    And what exactly are Stickers and Badges? Stupid EA >_>

  4. M'kay, stupidest thing I've seen ever. No way I'm paying for what I can do with the image changy thing. Sorries, but how stupid can EA get?!?

  5. Jamface:

    Epic nickname. But, I think you're right. If we were getting those things we would've gotton them by now, wouldn't we? I can't hide my disapointment :/ sometimes I just hate the way they run their website, I really do.


  6. This is why blogs are the way forward ;)

    They're so full of shit though. They make posts asking us what we want and then just completely ignore what people say. They're only pretending to consult with us.

    P.s.- get a blog ^_^

    Lots of love and kittens,


  7. Well, at least we can now change the background of the page *says the cautiously optimistic frustrated Bandit*
    *sigh* Alright, I know that's not great, but we must look at the bright side... No? Well, then it's righteously shitty.
    Love, Ban
    (PS: Can I be PeanutButterLeg?)