Saturday, 20 February 2010

I Smell Disaster

Is this for real-real? I originally thought it meant that unpopular items would be deleted from exchange searches and not from the website altogether, but lots of other peeps seem to think otherwise.

So let's get this straight, after a fortnight, if your upload isn't doing so well it gets deleted. How fucking ignorant of the mods to do this- don't they see all the shit that gets a million fan-girl recs? How does that deserve more of a place on the website than actual quality work that people have put time and effort into?

With no arrogance implied I don't think this will affect me too much as my stories and Sims tend to do quite well, though it really depends on where they set the bar for what they consider to be a good amount of downloads/recs.
But either way, just because I'm well-known enough for people to appreciate my creations, it doesn't mean I have more of a right than anyone else to have my stuff saved whilst theirs is deleted.

Hey EA, how about you clear out the click fast and conversation stories, the inappropriate Sims, and the stolen lots before you start setting this proposal in motion?
Oh wait that's right- that would actually involve some effort on your part. No no, this way you can just get a machine to tell you the cold hard statistics; that'll help you decide what's quality and what isn't.

Absolute morons, inc.


  1. It's a good thing they have that thread locked or else they would be getting some pretty nasty feedback...

    and am I the only one thinking the following: mr big moderator people exactly how many views/recs/downloads are enough to keep our dear little creations on the exchange.

  2. They can't do that! I upload anything I don't want to lose in case my computer crashes! Plus, I agree with you; half the crap that gets recommended is plain and boring, or just recolored stuff from the game! >:( This royally sucks!

  3. It's rather rude, it's pretty much saying to something the creator thought was good: Oh wow, this kinda sucks Bye-Bye!

  4. First anonymous- I first heard that 10 recs will be required to keep a creation, and then I heard it was 30 : o

    We'll have to see really.

    What a load of crap >:(

  5. Oh no....well looks like many hard worked on chapters of my legacy will be gone....away I go to a blog to post them!

    What an idiot idea, I agree they should be deleting rude/pointless "stories"

  6. I know right- it's going to be a real kick in the teeth for legacy writers in particular cause if their chapters get deleted then the whole sequence will be messed up.

    Besides, though my legacy does well now, it took a good few months for it to get that way. If this procedure had been in place back then all my stuff would have been deleted.

    Gah I'm growing to hate the darn website :(

  7. That REALY suck I don't even have 10 rec the most I have is 7 does that meen that ever 2 weeks I will lose Every thing I ever made...:(

  8. Ya know what? is going to turn into - a mess of a site full of sims bathed in canola oil and extra shiny. And, to top it all off, every sim will have 'RATE HI PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!' as their description.


  9. I agree Sarriaka

    It will turn into an okay story by a self conscious writer with every other page saying recommend, did you recommend yet etc.
    Almost every thing on the exchange will turn into a please rec. fest

    It won't be bearable.