Friday, 26 February 2010

Immature, moi?

So today I downloaded the Chaos Mod from MTS as I reckons it'll come in very useful regarding summat I'm working on... but you'll hear about that another time.

One of the features of this mod is the ability to make Sims do specific animations on the spot which, as you can imagine, is very useful for pictures and the like.

Howevers, whilst cycling through the options I came across this one which made me laugh quite a bit...

Is it just me, or does it look like she's doing a bit of a rude gesture... you know which one I mean!

Yup, clearly I'm rather silleh and/or dirty minded (and this is without mentioning the fact that I had a laughing fit at work yesterdae, just because someone couldn't get a machine to work...)



  1. I dunno what you're talking about!! I see no rude gesture!

    *shifty eyes*



  2. It reminded me more of a Lucky Cat paw. Like she's meowing or something, like the fury girls that will come into my work sometimes. :P

  3. Tis filth! =P

    Definitely not immature!!

  4. On the Sims 2 I caught my sim sticking up her finger once...