Monday, 1 February 2010

Escape to Riverview- Movin' On Up

Escape to Riverview now has a new home.
I'll still continue to post it on the forum thread, but I've also started to post it on a separate site. Of course, this is good insurance should the Sims website explode... Stranger things have happened.

You can now read it here.


  1. Gah! Thief =P (Jokes - I love you really) Twas what i was gonna do with my story... when i get my arse in gear and finish it, anyway :? The page is all created, but no-one can see-it, Mwahaha - Tis invistable, You see =D
    Loves the banner, btw! Tis very cool!


  2. I must be a mind-thief then, stealing your idea before it happened : p

    Will look forward to reading your story whenever you get it done.

  3. Yes, Yes you must be =P I has a theory! You're God aren't you? I'm on to you >_>

    And don't hold your breathe, will you? =D I wrote a little more on it last yesterday, but the first chapter still has a looonngg way to go, Lol!

  4. lol i didn't know websites could explode. but your right stranger things have happened

  5. Just realised I left the vamps out of the banner :o

    For shame!