Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I'll Give You Justice, Right Up The...

Have you seen this?

This looks like a job for...

Super FuryRed!

But I have to wonder what the point of it all is- surely the people they've already employed would have the common sense to be able to distinguish between the trolls and the misunderstood...

Hmm, maybe not.

I'm curious to see who they actually appoint as Moderators, and my guess is it'll be someone with a non-custom avatar, who probably owns WA or High End Loft Stuff, and can be easily manipulated.

But I'm hoping they'll prove me wrong, and choose someone who actually spends enough time on the forums to know how to sort out the twats and stop banning people for seemingly no good reason. And if they could find someone to sort out the shit that happens on the story boards too, well, that would be just dandy.

Lemme at 'em, lemme at 'em!


  1. Hehe, Super FuryRed =D But dude, where'd you get the guns?! :O They're awesome!

    And the moderator thing is a piece of bull >:o( like you said, they're gonna end up picking someone that they can wrap around their little finger. Anyone worth having, and who would actually do a good job - probably won't accept the offer, because they know what right shits EA are.

    EndRant - I'mma get happy nao xD


  2. Is this a thing people actually apply for then? I got the impression they were just gonna swoop on people and get them to do it. Hmm... If it is an applied for thing I can only imagine the egomaniacs who would put themselves forward >:|

    The guns are ace aren't they? :D
    Here, have a link:

    Am also gonna put a link for the hair here in case anyone wants it, cause believe me it was a pain in the arse to find...

  3. No, i took it to be a "swoop on people" thing as well =D But they can't just make people do it, they'd have to ask them first, right..? Although i'm starting to doubt this logic now....

  4. Mm, I'd assume they'd email people and say 'oi bitch, be a moderator'. Or something like that... ^.^

    Thing is though, clearly they don't spend enough time on the forums currently to know what's what, so how on earth will they be able to tell who the good people are?

    Tis a puzzler alright...

  5. Lol! They'll probably just go to some random thread, and put everyones usernames in hat xD

  6. LOL I agree 100% XD

    (I just hope to GOD it isn't WritenReg or whatever her name is X[ they bug the heck out of me)!!


  7. Oh em gee I hate her too! Sanctimonious cow >:(

    If it is her I'm jumping ship. Care for a swim?


  8. IKR?

    "Do you by any chance have MODS installed? Because-- *cue 15 paragraph post about how evil CC and mods are*

    But you'd be happy to know it's Nichaedemus! Yaaaaaayyy for no WritinCOW!!

    (yes, I have to keep signing my username because I am lame and don't have a blogspot account XD

  9. Eh what it's officially Nichaedemus? Ooh that's great! He's always really helpful : D