Thursday, 4 February 2010

All Freaks Together

If you haven't seen the following thread by now you should definitely check it out...

This is suicidespat's thread 'The Island of Misfit Sims', the place to show off your most freakish Simmie creations. It is also home to the world's sexiest man, Pinhead Poodlemeyer.
The man is such a stone-cold-fox he has women falling over themselves to get a piece of him, and more than a few have been just desperate to have his babies. This is the result...

Definitely the funniest Sims picture I have ever seen ^_^

In the spirit of such things I made my own misfit todae.

Her name is Zani Lovesalott, and all she wants is to find the right man. Possibly a tough task...

: D


  1. YAY, you featured my thread and am AWESOME

  2. Ha ha ha! Pinhead!