Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Oh The Cheek Of It...

Peggy is such a cheeky bastard.

Not only do you have to pay for nice custom content that technically only EA has the right to charge for, but now when you try to download anything from PeggyZone this lovely little message pops up...

Server busy my assets- it's just another blatant attempt to get people to part with their hard-earned cash.

*cough cough* Sims Cave, Paysites Must Be Destroyed...

I'm not paying- no way, no how.


  1. I like SimsCave thats where i get all my peggy payed for stuff! :D

  2. hay hay its not busy it just makes you wate like 11 sec like mediafire does thats not bad...but its not good ether...

  3. i go to paysite must be destroyed all though they havent updated in awhile i dont think.

  4. Eh, peggy must put a decent amount of work into their custom content so I don't blame them.

    However the day I pay for pixels hell will freeze over. And I really don't fancy having to ice skate to work.

    Daffadilli ;)

  5. I get my CC from XMsims.
    It's free and downloads fast on my computer (shit now I sound like a fucking advertising bilboard >.<)