Friday, 16 July 2010

Adventures in a Dino Dimension: Part One

Okay Doctor, you better have got this right this time. We've been travelling around for like weeks I think, so if you haven't fixed the Tardis by now you're retardis.

This was meant to be just a quick trip to Milky Milk Land for some semi-skimmed for my morning cup o'tea, but instead we're been stuck fannying about through time forever.
Sure, it was nice to visit Hermaphrodite Island and The Crazy Melty World, but we really need to be getting home.

Hey what can I say Fury, I'm trying. But you know what the Tardis is like- it's temperamental... rather like someone else I know...
Besides, I need time to hotwire the fragment links and supersede the binary codes before we can get going again.

...Okay. Whatever. Just hurry up okay? Randy's stuck back at our place with Jimminy Billy Bob and Rah Rah Rah Ska Rah Rah. Can you imagine what might happen to her, alone with those two?

Err, Fury? I think we should be a little more concerned about what might happen to us right now...

Why, what do you mean? It's not another one of those glomp monsters is it? Giant wooden spoon man?... Army of dog-faced children?

I just hope it's--- AIEEEEEEE!

Oh balls, are we in trouble now...


Oh shit oh god oh crap oh no. Doctor, what the hell is going on? Dinosaurs? DINOSAURS MAN! This place doesn't look particularly prehistoric, so just where in the hell did they come from?

I don't know Fury, but it's fascinating isn't it? Doesn't it just make you wonder about the power of the universe and---

Oh can it Doctor, I don't care how pretty you think the world is.

But look, if we're going to die there's something I need to say to you...

What is it Fury?

Doctor... I'm so glad you have a really big penis.

...Thanks. That's nice. I love you too...

Well you know what I mean Doctor. Urgh, what I'm trying to say is--- what the hell is that?!


Rexy?! What on earth are you doing here?

Fury, random man in suit, there's no time to explain. Just follow me- quickly!

*dramatic music* (hum it to yourselves)

Some Time Later

This is it guys, come on in- we'll be safe here.

God Rexy, thanks so much for coming along and rescuing us like that. I thought we were Dino Snax for sure.

Hey, it's no problem Fury- all in a day's work for Simmersaurus Rex. Just one question though, how did you guys get here?

Urgh, Captain Amazing over there thought it'd be a fab idea to take the olde time travel machine out for a little spin, forgetting of course that it's a RUSTED PIECE OF SHIT.

Hey, this isn't my fault- Fury's the one who sat on that lever and sent us spinning through the vortex. I had everything under control right up until that moment... where we kind of... fell through time.
It'll be okay though- I just need to let the Tardis reboot for a day or so, then we can hop back in and fly away.

Hmm, that's a really good idea, with only one small flaw... You see, this is my world, and there's about a hundred dinosaurs standing between you and your box thingy. We're going to have to come up with something really clever if you're ever going to make it home.

Oh hey! I have a plan. I know just what we need to do...

Well that's just great, another one of The Doctor's crazy-eyed schemes...

To Be Continued

Hey kids, fancy your own dino fun?

Head HERE to download the saurs, HERE for the Doctor Who shiz, and HERE for Simmersaurus Sexy Rexy.
Be careful though! Dinosaurs bite...


What do you call a gay dinosaur?


...I'll let myself out.


  1. LOL, you sat on the Lever, eh!
    doesn't sound so much like the Doctors fault, does it?

  2. Hehe, well you have to ask the question- just why did I sit on the lever in the first place? Could that be The Doctor's fault by any chance... ;)

  3. ah! maybe he was taking so long and you had sore legs and had to sit down, and he didn't tell you there was a lever there ;)

  4. ...My guttermind interpreted that in such a bad way.

  5. I must admit that I my have rofled so hard I gained much momentum and turned into a roflcopter.


  6. Mmkk, I couldn't not comment on this :P
    OMG IT'S REXY! Can we keep her, Fury? Peas...? =D make The Doctor bring her back with you XD


    I totally just saw this RIGHT NOW. You would not believe the ticklness that happened in the downstair area. :O xD

  8. rofl rexy! naice comment xD and awesome update! Woooo!!!!! Dino's!! :D

    lmao at your joke!

  9. I don't think I've ever laughed this much xD You come up with some crazy shit Fury xD

  10. 'You would not believe the ticklness that happened in the downstair area. :O xD'

    Well don't make it more sexual than fury already did xD

  11. Um, this is like too hilarious! ;) *Runs off to read the other posts*

  12. " Doctor...I'm glad you have a big penis."


  13. AzaraRumohra - Hilarious :D, Especially when Rexy came out in the dino place, that made me laugh,
    I'm going to comment this on this story instead of your older ones but...
    I don't know whether its my pervy little laptop (I even gave him a name) - (Stupidly Attatched to "him") But when I use my scroller... Randoms Chest seems to expand... and when i stop it goes back to normal... :/ .. PervyMcLaptop

  14. 'Besides, I need time to hotwire the fragment links and supersede the binary ...'

    Haha rereading all your stuff and that made me lmao so hard! You've got me hooked on that song yanno ;)