Monday, 12 July 2010

Oi ;D

I'm back, and I have sand in places I never knew I had.

In other good news my shiny new compizzle is here, wheeeeeee! It actually arrived on Fridae before I left which was a bit of a kick in the balls. Ah, and here comes another one...

I'm not actually on my beautious PC atm. As it's so awesome and up to date and things it kind of outranks my crapass Wireless USB Adapter, which means I cannee get the internets! I've thieved someone else's computer for a bit, but in the meantimes until my new adapter arrives (in like a week I think) I shan't be on t'interwebz much.

It's okey though- it gives me time to enjoy just playing the Sims for a bit, including Ambitions, yeeeyyyyyyy.

I'll probably visit sporadically, depending on when I can thieve computer time, but in the here and now- try not to miss me too much ;)


  1. So sims work on it? Happy to hear. I was worried, cause I know many people who's computers meet and exceed the system requirements for sims, and it crashes anyway. How are ya enjoying ambitions? You are probably killing sims with a meteor right now...


  2. Where didja go? I am in a caravan in rainy Norfolk as I type.

    Boo to the new compizzle not having the intertubes though.

  3. Hey Fury, welcome back to the madness! xD I can't wait to see pics with your new rig -- congratulations!

    *hugs & noogies*

  4. Goodness, your images are going to be like super amazing now. They were amazing on your old, so therefore it probably will blow my mind and make me go blind.