Thursday, 15 July 2010

It's All About Autumn

Ho ho holy crap where are we now? Oh yes, it's Twinbrook *quiet yey*

I figured I should probably explore the new town a bit yanno, so the Unlegacy family haff done some moving. Tis pretty ennit?

And on a completely unrelated subject of awesomethingsthatIhavebuilt, have a looksie at the new house- isn't it boss? (as good as my lameass builds go anyways... the side bit looks a tad weird though...)

The inards ain't too shabby- like Winter's loverly room here. Howevers, as I decorate by doing things up one room at a time, I kind of have a tendency to run out of money sometimes. This is nice enough, but like half the other rooms are blank.

My new Simmie house is all coat and no fur knickers, or however that phrase goes.

Ooh, speaking of knickers- poor Winter had an unfortunate shocking accident whilst he was inventing. Apparently it scared his pants off.

But don't worry, I got the boy all naice and clean afterwards ;)

But enough about the man meat, let's move on to the main attraction (for this post anyways).

Now I'll be honest, as much as I love Autumn, Winter will always be the heart of me, so consequently my gal will be moving out to start her own life at some point. It's very sad I know.

In the meantime though I've been letting Autumn try out all the new Ambitiony things, cause even things like laundry seem oh-so-cool cause they're nouveau.

Eeeeee! That's a whole lot of newness right thar.

I just love taking pictures outside my Sims homes atm, mainly because that was always the bit that looked the most shitty with my olde, non-existant, graphics.

So yeah, anyways. Autumn is currently employed in the firefighter career, and after like three Sim days of me just waiting for things to happen I suddenly remembered that the whole point in Ambitions is that you get to go to work with your Sims. I'm such a dummy, for reals.

When I eventually realised what the hell I was doing I followed Autumn to work, and watched over her as she extinguished her first fire.

I'm so proud!

After work, Little Miss StraightLaced went and surprised me by wishing to get a tattoo, so naturally I obliged her.

The bitchy tattooist only went and booed Autumn after didn't she?! Whore.


Feeling all smexy with her new ink, Autumn then used her charismatic charm to try out the new 'I'm a Firefighter' flirt on an unsuspecting hottie.

Maybe you recognise him? Aye, I'm feeling all eco-friendly due to Ambitions, so I'm recycling the men too. Zach (made by Pringle) was one of those in the running to win Ginger's heart. Personally I think he lucked out in waiting for Autumn.

Yey, fun new Simmie game with... wood... and stuffs.

Followed up the next day with a Disneyesque smooch.


As time went on, Autumn and Zach got even closer- genital rubbing closer (but without the genitals).

Aww, aren't they just the cutest?

And hey Pentameter you were right- after a bit o'practice, Autumn is now doing all sorts of flips and twirls on the trampoline, with not a tragic dismount in sight.



  1. Woo for going green with Zach!
    I think Zach did get lucky in losing Ginger for Autumn :B

  2. im going to miss autumn when she moves out ;(
    Will you put her on the exchange PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  3. Aye, I plan to put Autumn and Winter on the exchange as soon as I have internet access on my Simming computer :)

  4. Forgot to mention
    I love the house, your building skills are better than mine

    I'm also excited to see Autumn for download, Zach is my only man in game partnerless ;)

  5. Yum, Zach is kinda hot, Pringle. ;)

  6. Best looking siblings ever

  7. Aww, I love Autumn. She makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. You know this reminded me of (500) Days of Summer for some reason. xD

  8. Autumn Rocks! :-D
    for some reason she remindes me of my cousin who's 7 and looks nothing like her and i hav no idea why

  9. where did you get the town? i saw it recently but i don't know where...

  10. @Anon above: The town comes with the EP, Ambitions!

  11. Fury, do you experience any issues with the game? If you do, do you install any fix or patch? Help will be appreciated. Thanks!

  12. Since patching I've had the odd crash-to-desktop, but generally it's all good. I haven't installed the latest patch though- I'm just up to the Ambitions one. It's too much hassle removing my mods every time.

  13. Thanks for your help Fury! I suggest you go to this post , it fixes CTDs and Error codes.