Thursday, 8 July 2010

Horseing Around

Am I the only one who lol'd really hard at this thread?

Okay, so it's not that funny thus far, it was just the next bit that made me crack up:

It just really reminded me of one of those crime scene photos- the grainy CCTV footage that gets shown on Crimewatch and the like. I felt like I was a witness testifying about some terrible crime.
I actually can't stop laughing to myself now as I type this :P

Obvs having corrupt CC in your game is never good... but it was still freaking funny.

Okay, imma bad person...



  1. Erm... no CC? I dun think so. And there is that baby with the glicted arm... That comes from a retarted shoe thing. >_<

  2. That's so funny! It looks like a Telletubby! (my sis watches that show all the time)

  3. I have to say, I think the only Centaur mesh is from Rose - and when objects/Sims take a while to load, they are grey. It's not corrupt, I'm sure.

  4. I think she's paranoid from that doll business.

  5. I think that is verr funny, and she obv has CC, otherwise that baby would not have the boot on her arm...

  6. It made me laugh - she wasn't a happy bunny. I still don't understand why her sim is in the library in her pants anyway.