Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sluts and Ghosts and Casual Grimmehs

Aww, look at the face! Doesn't your heart just melt?

After the death of Ginger poor Ben needed some love in a bad way...

And who better than his bestie Miles to cheer him up ;)

Yes, after Miles lost out to Ben in the battle for Ginger's heart he didn't exactly disappear- he's been chilling in the neighbourhood... Probably dancing nekked somewhere.

Aww. Sexy man love will make all things better.

See, doesn't the death seem less painful now?

Oh, whoops. Erm... this is Miles' wife :/

I was curious so I invited her round to the house, and she aged and died in like a day!
Sorry Westie- sorry your hottie got married to some crazy aging lady :(

Oh, I should have known you'd show up to mock me, you casual-dressy bastard!

Meanwhile, amidst the death and sadness and Casual Grimmehs, Autumn was doing her best to look after Winter. I love the fact that toddlers and kids can interact now! All I need to happen next is for a toddler/toddler huggle.


But hey, who has time for cutey cute toddlers when one day you can wake up and witness the fitness ;)

Now to be perfectly honest I was thinking Autumn was just going to be my filler for this generation, but my golly gosh isn't she just the cutest thing!

This generation is going to be gooooooooooooooood. Selecting Ben has turned out to be a dynamite choice. Well done you. Pat yourselves on the back... Now pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time. Now go get me a beverage. Now dance for me. No, don't cry, just dance. That's it, take it off...

Ahem! Oh, look who we have here then? I was feeling bad for the kids- young'uns in my game always seem to suffer some sort of undue trama before they're grown, so I thought I'd attempt to make amends by bringing Ginger back.

The plan didn't exactly go to, erm, plan though as now Ginger and Ben aren't married anymore :(

I panned over and just found them arguing like this too. Way to welcome your girl back Ben, jeez...

Ah, there's really only one thing to do now.

A lapdance makes everything better.

...Should I be concerned that Ben is enjoying the view too?
I can't exactly blame him though... check out the buns on Gropie ;)

Oh erm, whoops. I have noooo idea what happened here...

*shifty eyes*


  1. darn casual grimmies lol.This generation is a lot better than the last one no offence Chaos and Envy.Man the kids turned out wonderful :)

  2. Also can u put up Autumn and Winter up when they are young adults PLEASE :)

  3. bwahahaha
    Just dance, no need to cry.
    Autumn is such a pretty little thing!

  4. Miles' butt is oddly small, lol. And I like Autumn, I think mebbz it's 'cos she's not wearing so much eyeliner and dark stuff like you usually give them. No offence, I fink all your Sims look good, Furylicious.

  5. Aye, she seemed more of the fresh-faced and innocent type, so I styled her accordingly ^_^

  6. Autumn is so so so cute! She's a very good replacement for the Wriggle Kitteh, even though she will never be replaced in our hearts! *sniff*

  7. LOL loves it! plz upload autumn & winter!

  8. Ahh you call him gropie too XD

    I should've patented that!

  9. YES! SCORE!

    Well, he probably was dancing nekkid somewhere around town. Probably the library.

    And now my male black widow has succeeded again! ^o^

  10. AH MA GAWD. Miles is to smexy to handle. I wish i could marry him! *nosebleed* Ahhh.

  11. Kids and toddler can play with the turtle table building blocks type thing with each other also :P If you play with it, it gives them handiness skill XD

    Anyways the children are... beautiful :')

  12. You can't resist the gropie. ;D

  13. Gah, no I can't. XP.
    Where did you get his hair?

  14. Thank you. I'll be sure to drop by there and geddit. :3

  15. In that picture with Miles' wife... whats up with the lady walking through the door, in the background? O_o

    Good to see Ginger back! and how long are you planning on keeping little Autumn "fresh-faced and innocent"... never seems to last that long in your game ;)

  16. ...Well...

    To be honest most of my Sims's lives are played out in respect of their wants and desires, so if Autumn wants to ho it up then it's not my fault! :P

    She is a Loner though, so I can't see her wanting to roll on top of too many people.
    But she's Charismatic too, so she's not gonna be short on offers ;)