Friday, 30 July 2010

I Have Nothing Better To Write About

I got stung by a wasp earlier for the first time since I was a little kid.

It hurt, but not as much as it hurt the wasp when I caved it's damn head in.

In other news, if you're currently messing yourself regarding the impending release of Late Night, much like me, then you may want to head over to this thread where you can find out a bunch of fresh info about it.

Peeing my pants? Oh yes I am. But does anyone else feel like these expansions are coming out too soon? I feel like I've only just fully immersed myself in Ambitions and I have so much more to discover, and yet I'm meant to throw my knickers at some brand new expansion coming out in mere months? I need time to adjust!

What I wouldn't give for a real time machine... or just a fuckload of money so I could do nothing but sit around all dae just playing Sims XD

I can dream eh?


  1. I know! I haven't even been hit by a meteor yet! xD I am excited though. Maybe this EP will finally explode my computer xD

  2. My reaction to hearing about Late Night was, "What the fuck? I'm not even done with Ambitions yet."

    I mean, it looks cool, but srsly, too soon. I blame all the people on the forums who constantly complain of wanting MOAR STUFF NAO!

  3. Did you use a high-heeled wedge?

    I've gotten hit by a meteor. . .4 times. And one time it killed 2 people! And my house also caught on fire. :(

    I feel the same. I want to enjoy the soupy swamp air in Twinbrook. That cause your face to mutate.

  4. I haven't done anything in Ambitions, I'm finding it so unappealing. It makes meh kind of depressed.

    And I think they are rushing Late Night too fast, so I'm not getting my hopes up. I don't think it's going to be as great as everyone thinks. I've learned to lower my expectations for EA quite a bit. :(

  5. I've barely run around in Twinbrook...I seem to be too caught up in Sunset Valley...I actually haven't even fully checked out Riverview yet.

    But of course I'm still oh so excited about Late Night! Vamps and hot tubs! 'Bout time in my opinion. Cross your fingers for weather or pets next!

  6. They are coming out wayyy too soon! At least it feels like it. o_0
    The hell. I'm just getting used to Ambitions.
    I'm gonna get Late Night though, cause it looks better than both the EPs.
    btw this is plh, so you don't think I'm some random :)

  7. No high-heeled wedge West- my weapon was a box of animal food :P

    I'm actually very enthused about Late Night (though I think they really should have called it After Dark) but I wish it wasn't coming out until like next year or summat.

    I'll definitely be throwing my cash at it when it comes out because it sounds absolutely wicked, so I'll just have to try my damnedest to explore all of Ambitions I can before then. I've only done like two of the new careers, that's it! So much to do, so little time...

  8. Hey wait a second missus. You accused me of animal slaughter (or something along those lines) when I killed a wasp!

    Sheesh! ;]

  9. Yes, well... I don't normally kill wasps- there's fuckloads of them around at the moment and I just leave them alone, but this was self-defence!

  10. I <3 VAMPIRES!!! Not the sparkly Cullen-type vamps, I like vamps that suck your blood and flesh and tear you to pieces! I know I'm a freak... Yes indeed it is WAY too soon! But all the better! NO TWILIGHT REMAKES PLE-EE-EASE!

  11. What interesting arsenal XD. Actually, I think they just released it early, all the info. You still have more than 2 months for it to reach stores. I doubt they're even polished off all the new items.

    I use a hairspray like bug deterent. They fizzle and hiss, and get really mad, then die. :D Oooh it makes me happy!

  12. That wasp thing made me laugh like a madman LOL!!!!!!!!!!