Saturday, 17 July 2010

Winter Commeth (Of Age)

Aww, that's cute Autumn you little fireman you ^_^ Howevers we don't have time for this- there's something more important going on right now...

Uh-huh uh-huh, it's time for Winter's berfdae. Now, shall we see what sort of man he's going to turn into?

Ha...hurm...oh my. A beautiful man, clearly.

Seriously, WOOF.

Now I don't wish to over-state this in any way, but.... I think Winter's my favourite Sim of all time. He's just so adorable! Look at his face when he bashed his hand with a hammer whilst inventing. Isn't he just the cutest?!

He's so cute infact, that I allowed him to detonate the dishwasher. Well, technically it's his money after all, but still- needless destruction is not needed.

Having said that it was pretty awesome watching the explosion XD

Though it did fuck up my grass. BASTARD.

Later on that day I sent Winter out to get a tattoo, but during the procedure the chair kind of broke and folded itself up into his crotch.

I just love the look of quiet desperation on his face :P

As he's a cool skillful handy inventing guy, Winter was able to repair the chair easily, and in time he was sat back in it getting his first tattoo.

See! Look at his face; this is why I love him so ^_^ The poor dear looks so terrified, don't you just wanna give him a big hug?

Aww, there there darling- I wont let anything bad happen to you.

Oh, erm, WHOOPS. Look what that bastard tattoo woman did to him! I'm not even sure she's a real tattooist >: (


As it was like midnight by the time the STOOPID WOMAN had finished butchering poor Winter's beautiful skin we had to wait until the following day to get the tattoo removed.

This time I made sure I got a real tattooist to do the job, and got Winter inked up real nice.
Of course, she had to go and boo him after didn't she?

So, he blew up her filing cabinet. HA. Suck it bitch!

The rest of the day was spent exploring the neighbourhood and denotating things, as you do.

Oh, and a lot of time was also dedicated to looking devilishly handsome, of course.

Heyyyyyy, look who we came across whilst rummaging through the junkyard. I never would have had you pegged as a dumpster diver Miles.

And speaking of Miles, who do we have here then? Oh my, it's the illegitimate lovechild of Miles and Ginger. Tempura certainly is a wirey little fella...

Meanwhile, out in the garden Zach and Autumn were getting married (in some rather suspect formalwear...)

Sad to say they moved out not long after, but don't worry- we shall keep in touch.

What's that? You want one last picture of Winter looking deliciously cute before I go? Oh, okay then. Enjoy!


  1. I love Winter! He's so...awsome! Make sure you give him the gorgeous wife he deserves.-Upp4

  2. LoL He looks so happy blowing up the tattoo lady's stuff. I must say I can't wait to see how Tempura (mmmmm shrimp) looks when he is a YA

  3. lol ambitions is FUN!!!!!!!

  4.!!!what skin is that??

  5. did he blow up some one's car in one of those pictures too??

  6. Tis Lady Frontbum's skin :D And yup, he blew up a car too XD It was the car outside the fire station where Autumn works in fact.

  7. Miles will take what he can get and LIKE it. Ahaha I love that hair too :D Tempura's little puppiness makes up for the name you landed him with.

    Somebody's always in the shower huh?

  8. Haw sexeh is winte when is in the shower :P. lol and when his cute little face is in pain <3

  9. Ah gawds, winter is teh cutest ting evar. Where did youm get his hair?